Electrical Engineering

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Head of the Department's Message

A switchover from high school to an Engineering College is a life-changing experience in the life of a student. But I can assure you that our faculties understand the challenges that a high-school student faces and are always keen to help the students undergo a smooth transition. We help them build their career by improving their core technical skills and soft skills which help them excel in every prospect of life.

Our vision is to see to it that every student in our department develops holistically.

We believe that education is one piece of the career jigsaw, and hence we help students complete the puzzle by motivating them to participate in extra-curricular activities. Over the years, our students have participated in various sports and cultural events at state and national levels and have won many awards. We actively help students in resolving all their difficulties by counseling and motivating them on a regular basis.

Electrical Engineering is an evergreen branch and it will always need young and alert minds like yours to grow. There is plenty of scope for Degree Engineers in Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission, Protection and Measurement of Equipment, Power Electronics and Machines.

We regularly conduct workshops, seminars, industrial visits and training programs on advanced technologies to ensure that our students are equipped with relevant, industry oriented knowledge.

We currently have an intake of 60 students. I sincerely hope that our program takes you to new heights in your career. I welcome all the aspirants to visit our college at least once to get a first-hand feel of our vibrant campus.

All the best!

-Dr. J.J. Patel

Head of the Department


Why should one pursue Electrical Engineering?


  • Lot of foreign multinational companies are investing heavily in Electrical Engineering sector in India. ABB, General Electric, Schnider Electric, Siemens, Bosch, etc. are some of the biggest companies offering lucrative packages to Degree Engineers.
  • Currently, companies are researching heavily on smart power distribution grids, clean energy generation, efficient power source for space missions, Robotics, long lasting pacemakers, etc. The direct benefit in terms of jobs generated will go to Electrical Engineers.
  • Government funded organizations like CSIR, CPRI, IGCAR, DRDO, ISRO offer great opportunity to Electrical Engineers for research.
  • Public Sector Units like Airports Authority of India, Metro railways, Indian Railways and State Electric Boards are among the biggest recruiters of Electrical Engineers in India.
  • Degree Engineers have even started highly successful companies on their own, like Gram Power, Mera Gaon Power (MGP), Grey Orange Robotics, Electric Vehicle India, etc. Equipped with the knowledge of Electrical Engineering, you too can start your own company!
  • Due to the efforts of Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) in subsidizing solar energy, lakhs of homes in Gujarat have adopted Solar Rooftop Systems. The investments in solar power industry are up by 59%. Electrical Engineers are direct beneficiaries of the government’s policies on solar energy.
  • With big electric vehicle companies like Tesla Motors planning to enter the Indian market, demand for Electrical Engineers is bound to go up. Tesla pays more than 60 lakh rupees per annum to Electrical Engineers.
  • Do you want to enter a company at a junior level and stay there for all your life? By completing Electrical Engineering, you make yourself available for higher positions in a company.
  • Do you want to start your career with only INR 5,000 – INR 10,000 job or do you want to start your career with reputed companies like Havells, Crompton Greaves, Bajaj, etc.?
  • After Electrical Engineering, you can appear for Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam and be an Electrical Engineer with the Central Government.

Think how much your inaction in the present may cost you your future.


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