All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Workshop by Alumni & Current Student - For Grooming students for SAEINDIA BAJA Competition

The first workshop on 'Design & Development of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)'  🚔 was conducted by our own Alumni🏃Savan Sanariya & Current 8th Sem Mechanical Student,Raghav SainiSavan Sanariya is currently working as Graduate Engineering Trainee in the Design & Development Department & working at Oswal Industries Limited.

It is great to see our Alumni & current senior students taking their own team, 👬👬👬 'TEAM EFFORT' 👬👬👬 for the next milestones of ATV competition, SAEINDIA BAJA.  The passion they had during the Design & Development of ATV is definitely seen when they themselves volunteered to organize & conduct the series of workshops by themselves. 

The session was about Introduction to ATV and the main topics covered were the basic 🎛 functions of all sub-systems like suspension, powertrain, steering, brakes, etc.

It was like two end process first students came up with their 🙇 thoughts and understanding regarding each sub-system. First half was learning by group discussions & presentation by students only.


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