DE Workshop for 6th-Semester students

Saffrony Institute of Technology organized a Workshop for 6th Semester Students of all branches between 🕤 9:30 A.M. to 🕛 12:00 P.M on 19th Jan, 2018. 

A Design Engineering Student, Converting Ideas to 👉 Reality- to a final product, 💰Crowdfunding - putting your product out in the Market, Implementation of Design Thinking throughout the world.

Since students have already been through the whole Design Engineering process 3 times before, the workshop was designed to make it interesting by covering topics like- The Cycle & Phases of Design Engineering, the Mindset of This intensive and informative workshop was designed and conducted by Prof. Manan Thakkar (M.Tech. C.E.), Prof. Parimal Patel (M.E. IT), Prof. Sagar Patel (M.E. Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Bhavin Shah (M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering), Prof Manavendra Chatterjee (M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering), Prof. Malay Bhatt (Masters in Electrical Engineering) and Prof. Ranjit Jadeja (M.E. Mechanical Engineering-Production).👏

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