Expert Session on "Logout"- The Cyber Awareness Campaign

Cyber Space💻in India is facing many problems & people are becoming victims of cyber-crime 📶 in a day to day life.

Our Government of India is working rapidly with it to bring keen and powerful solutions in upcoming future, but the big revolution is not 🚫 possible without the help of citizen itself.


To make everyone aware of safely logging out and cyber-related threats, today (23rd January 2018) we had Mr. Shridhar Patel as a part of the LOGOUT – 🌍 Worlds Biggest Cyber Awareness Campaign”.

Around 200 students from 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th Semester participated in this awareness session. The students also mentioned that the session was very 👍beneficial to learn and get secured, safe and stay protected from the Cyber Theft and Cyber Crime which happen just with a few clicks.


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