Sharpen Your Skills - Session 24 on Dare To Be Different - Summer 2018

Saffrony Institute is 👏 proud to update you that today’s sharpen your skill session was conducted by 🌠Manvee Soni 🌠 from the 3rd Year and 🌠Hima Soni 🌠 from the 4th Year for all the Saffronites!

The topic they covered was-  😎 Dare To Be Different with full Joy and Inspiration.


Firstly they made students acknowledge the fact that “ We shouldn't be 😓 worried  about what people are going to 🤔 think about our actions.  Rather  how actually  it can affect us that should matter.  People's remarks or their belief about us should not colour our 🙇state of mind.” And then they discussed the 4 Insights To Start Living.

They conclude with the quote “Don’t be afraid of 🕴standing out of the crowd. It’s much more Fun that way!”

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