Sharpen Your Skills - Session 25 on initiating a Movie Club - Summer 2018

A session on initiating a🎬 'Movie Club' was conducted in the  Sharpen Your Skills session Series on 16th March, 2018 by Dr. Pooja Mehta. For the holistic development, it deems necessary to provide students a platform to unleash their 🌟 creativity, broaden their 🔭 vision and channelize their 💪 strength.

When movies prove to be one of the most influential factors on 🙇 youth's mind, a 'Movie Club' was conceptualized where students get the fresh and varied perspectives on watching 🎞 films and can use them for learning.


This Sharpen Your Skills session was devoted to an orientation of a📽 'Movie Club'. Students were given a demo of conduction of the club and activities. Students were very eager and showed their 🙋willingness to be part of the 'Movie Club'.


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