• My child has completed 10th grade. Should he join Diploma Engineering or should he go to High School? Open or Close

    If you feel that your child and you are convinced about taking up Degree engineering in future, the best way would be taking up a Diploma program because high school education does not acquaint students with detailed aspects of a particular engineering branch.

    For e.g. if your child wants to become a Mechanical Engineer in the future, he should start with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and thereafter he can take admission in Degree Engineering. Also, it is now possible that your child can pursue Diploma Engineering in Gujarati language.

    While offering admission, we prefer our Diploma students. So, you may not worry whether your child will get admission to degree or not, provided his performance is satisfactory in Diploma Engineering. And also, even if he completes only Diploma Engineering, there are many career options for him.

  • Which College is the BEST? Based on which Criteria should we choose any College? Open or Close

    There are some criteria based on which a college may be chosen:

    (i) Discount – If any college gives a discount, then that college shall not be chosen. Because they may be compromising on satisfaction of employees by cutting off. At Saffrony, we do not provide a discount, but we give but scholarships for scholastic students with criteria that ensure that s/he remains a scholar throughout engineering.

    (ii) Attendance – If college requires more than 75% attendance, then that college shall be considered. If any college says that it’s okay even if students do not come to the college then that college shall not be chosen.

    The reason being if the college is asking for 75% attendance, they must teach regularly and also engineering is something that needs to be taught by a live person who can make out where students need more help and who can solve doubts instantly which will be missing if students study at home or by themselves.

    (iii) Placement – Ask how much percentage of placement the college has achieved. And then ask for offer letters of students.

    Saffrony students’ placements can be viewed here.

    (iv) Faculty members – Ask for the qualification of faculty members and if there are Masters qualified faculty members for B.E students and if there a members who are pursuing PhD, then that college may be considered. We, at our institute have all the Masters qualified faculty members for B.E / Degree Engineering and B.E/Masters qualified faculty members for Diploma Engineering. There are a lot of faculty members (20) who are pursuing PhD and also few have already finished their Ph.D.

    (v) Achievements of Faculty Members and Students - 

       (a) We have a student, Manvee Soni, who came 1st in the GTU among around 34,000 students and every semester ranks in GTU Top 5.

       (b) We have a student, Hima Soni who came 4th in the GTU amongst around 40,000 students and every semester ranks in GTU Top 5.

       (c) We have faculty members who have received Pedagogical Innovations Award at GTU, Innovative Trainer’s Award, Best Teacher’s Award. We also have some faculty members who won the Gold Medal during their Bachelors and Masters of Engineering. Many have published Technical Research Papers in many renowned Journals.

       (d) We also have faculty members who have about 8 to 10 Industrial Experience after which they have shifted to Academic Career.

       (e) We also have an Expert Panel called Advisory Board and Board of Governors having decades of experience in Industry & Academics who regularly visit our college to interact with our students and bridge the academic-industry gap.

       (f) We also have students team who made a ATV car which came 4th rank in a national competition.

       (g) There are many more National Level Competitions in which students take part like – Robocon, Aero Design Challenge, Hackathon etc. Where all the fund for making the project is  provided by the college Management.

    (vi) Infrastructure – You may also choose college based on its infrastructure. The availability of latest equipment in the laboratory to playground and green space for students to relax and refresh!

  • What is the difference between BE and BTech? Open or Close

    There is no difference between these two degree courses B.E. and B.Tech. The only difference is B.E./M.E. are the degrees awarded by a Government Affiliated Universities and B.Tech/M.Tech are the degrees awarded by a deemed University.

    But note that both are engineering degrees and their scope and value are the same. One will never be rejected higher education or a job just because one is a BE and not a B-tech holder or vice versa. Same applies with ME and M-tech. Both are post graduate courses and a student with a B-tech degree is eligible to take up ME course or M-tech course and vice versa.

  • Which Engineering Branch is the Best? Open or Close

    It all depends on the interest of the student and the parents.

    At Saffrony, we have top quality teachers, equipment and infrastructure for students of every branch. Also, we can guide you through the career prospects via different branches and then you can make an informed decision.

    You may visit our institute or any help centers where we will be happy to provide you the guidance.

  • Are there any Scholarships available for students? Open or Close

    Yes, the institute provides attractive scholarships. Scholarships are available as per student’s merit and means.

    You may refer to the detailed document to know more about Government Scholarships/ TFWS/Saffrony Institute Scholarship etc on this link - Scholarships.

  • Which Activities happen at Saffrony for Student Development? Open or Close

    We at Saffrony focus on Academics as well as Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities to channelize students’ interest, energy and ensure development.

    To name a few:

    Technical Festivals (Tech-Fest), Technical Workshops/Seminars, Industrial Visits & Trainings, Sports, Annual Cultural function, Technical & Non-Technical competitions, Felicitation, SAE collegiate club (ATV car competition), Audit Courses, Personality Development & Communication Sessions, Community college are the various activities we engage our students in.

    We also initiate new clubs as per the demand and interest level of students like: Writers Club, Movie Club, Art & Craft Club etc with a fixed objective of the club to assure growth along with fun.

  • Does Saffrony do anything for Students’ Soft Skills Development? Open or Close


    We are proud to inform you that we also have a unique concept on Sharpen Your Skills – where 3 days in a week, students are freed from studies for one session and gathered in the auditorium. These sessions are conducted for their soft skills development like Teamwork, Time/Self Management, Mnemonics, Stress-free Public Speaking, Dare to be Different, Flexibility, Self-Discipline, Punctuality etc,  and also for making them use the wide platforms of technology like: Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google - Docs, Sheets & Slides etc.

    This platform is mainly to train them for 20+ Skills listed by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM for prospective students for job from year 2020 to 2030. These 20 skills are the ones which will never be replaced by automation and also very critical for a student to not only land an elite job but also perform and excel in his/her performance.

  • Is there a Counselling System in the College to take good care of students? Open or Close


    We at Saffrony had a Counselling System way before GTU made it compulsory to have one. Every student has a counsellor faculty member who is meant to take his/her care for 4 years with whom students may freely share any of their … Each Faculty Member is made a counselor for not more than 25 students.

    There is also a centralized Counselling Team who is ever ready to talk to students about their journey at Saffrony and how it can be improved.

    Students at Saffrony are bought up in a very friendly environment that may directly speak with the authorities of any issues as well.

    Our Chief Student Development Officer counsells students related to their confusions of choosing future career options and also provides direction through his vast experience and pool of contacts.

    To summarize we conduct:

    (i) Personal Counselling

    (ii) Group Counselling

    (iii) Career Counselling

  • Is there any Student Grievances Cell? If a Student has a Problem, whom should he/she contact? Open or Close

    Yes, the student suggestion and complaint boxes both are available.

    Moreover, every student has a counselor who is meant to take his/her care for 4 years with whom students may freely share any of their … The centralized Counselling Team is also ever ready to talk to students about their journey at Saffrony and how it can be improved.

    Students at Saffrony are bought up in a very friendly environment that may directly speak with the authorities of any issues as well.

  • How are the Practical Laboratories at Saffrony? Open or Close

    Up-to-date, State of Art, as per GTU, Latest Equipment’s & Software’s, sufficient machines for each student and also Safe.

    We also have certain advance equipment and machinery beyond the GTU curriculum so that our students are closer to the Industry and one-step ahead.

  • How are the Hostel Facilities and What is the Hostel Fee Structure? Open or Close

    There is occupancy of 3 students in one room. Each one of them will have a separate bed, a separate cupboard and an attached WC to the room.

    Hot and Delicious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is timely provided to the students.

    The fees of the hostel is INR 21,000/- per Annum for Accommodation and INR 21,000/- per Annum for Mess.

    Electricity bills extra as per the consumption recorded in the meter.

    To have a glance at our Hostel click here.

  • Will my child get a Competitive Environment at Saffrony? Open or Close


    We have students from various backgrounds like CBSE, Gujarat Board, and we even have students from all over India (other State Boards). We also encourage ‘International Exchange Program’ in which many of our students have gone to other countries like USA, Germany, etc.

  • Is the college AICTE approved and GTU Affiliated? Open or Close

    Yes, Saffrony Institute of Technology is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

  • What is the Fee Structure of your college? Open or Close

     The detailed fee structure of the college is listed here.

  • Are there any Management Quota / NRI Quota seats? Open or Close

    Yes, we have 25% Management Quota seats in every department. However, we do not have NRI Quota seats.

    As you know, admissions happen through ACPC on the basis of and you might not get the college of your choice. Through Management quota, we provide you guaranteed admission without having to rely on the ACPC process.

  • Is there any extra fee for Management Quota? Open or Close


    Our Institute does NOT charge anything extra to a student admitted through management quota.

  • What is the examination pattern at Saffrony? Open or Close

    Our examination system is designed in a way to make sure that students study during the semester to lesser their burden during University exams and also to guarantee they pass in the same.

    Internal Exam (Conducted by Saffrony Institute):

    • Two 70 Mark - Mid-Semester Exams
    • Practical Viva (Oral exams with submission of assignments – generally 50 Marks or as per the credit of the course)

    External Exam (conducted by GTU):

    • One 70 Mark Final exam
    • External Viva in Semester 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th

  • What are the College Timings? Open or Close

    Normally, the college timings are 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM with two breaks: One 50 minute lunch break between 12 PM and 12.50 PM and other 20 minute short break between 2.30 PM to 2.50 PM. However, the timings might change by half an hour accordingly in winter and summer for the convenience of students.

  • Is the mobile allowed in the campus and hostel? Open or Close


    Students are however not allowed to use the phone during learning hours.

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