Divine Connect

A key tenet of the college’s vision is to nurture the students with spiritual awareness along with professional competence and social awareness. Gone are the days when Intelligence Quotient (IQ) ruled the roost. Now, we have gadgets to perform most of the memory and analysis intensive tasks cutting down upon the importance of IQ alone. The society needs engineers that are both emotionally and spiritually strong, engineers that can handle any situation both tactically and ethically.

We, at Saffrony, believe in holistic development of students. The ‘Divine Connect’ platform at S.P.B. Patel Engineering College transcends the boundaries of religion and faith because spirituality is not colored by any religion.  The platform is offered to both the students and faculties and spiritual awareness programs are conducted on a regular basis to boost the inner will and strength.  The activities of this platform include Video Sessions, Hands-on Activities and Question and Answer rounds with spiritual masters where students can get solutions to all problems in life through correct understanding.


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