Computer Engineering


To be recognized as a center of excellence in Computer Engineering, where students are nurtured to become leaders in technology innovation, with a strong foundation in software engineering principles and a commitment to addressing societal needs through sustainable computing solutions.


To provide a comprehensive education that encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of computer engineering. We are committed to fostering an environment where students learn to design, develop, and implement innovative computer-based solutions, preparing them for successful careers in the ever-evolving tech industry.


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Head of the Department's Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome as the Head of Computer Engineering & Information Technology Department at S.P.B Patel Engineering College. The department is running an Undergraduate program in Computer Engineering & Information Technology with an intake of 120 and 60 respectively in both the departments. Ours is one of the most vibrant departments in the institution in terms of determined students, highly qualified and industrious faculties, state of the art infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories with all the modern computing facilities. We also have a dedicated laboratory for project work. All the laboratories are equipped with the latest software and hardware platforms. The laboratories include Operating system, Networking Lab, Multimedia & Graphics lab, Java Technology Lab, Android Programming, Advanced Database System, Algorithm Design, Theory of Computation and many more.


Our vision is not only to craft brilliant individuals, but also to make them professionally competent and socially responsible with spiritual awareness. The department provides a quality education with scholastic pursuits to felicitate transformational learning and institutional excellence. 


We also focus on holistic development of students by organizing extracurricular activities. We have vibrant department-level clubs such as Robocon Club, Hackathon Club, Saffrony Tech-Elite club and many more. Many of our students have been awarded at National level as well as by the Government of Gujarat and Gujarat Technological University for their outstanding projects such as Securing 2nd prize from all over India in National Level competition - National Security Guard - Digirakshak Hackathon 2022, won grand finale at IIT-BHU in Smart India Hackathon 2022, making out in Top 2 out of 40+ registered teams from all over India at ISRO in Smart India Hackathon 2022, for being shortlisted in the top 115 teams out of 2200+ teams from all over India - Manthan 2021 - The National level security hackathon based on Artificial Intelligence, For making it in the Top 10 out of the teams participated from across Gujarat in the Dewang Mehta IT Awards 2022. Also students from the Information Technology department successfully completed and deployed an Industrial project on Automation of Manual Press  at Tripcon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Anand, Gujarat where students achieved 300% production rate. In fact, our students have been ranked among the top teams in the country in various competitions like TCS Code Vita since the last three years (2021, 2022 & 2023).


In job placements, our department has done exceptionally well. We are proud to say that we have been consistently achieving 100% placement since the past couple of years.


I welcome all the aspirants to visit our department at least once to know more about our achievements.

- Prof. Chetan Chauhan

Head of the Department


Why should one pursue Computer/ Information Technology Engineering?


  • The Computer/ IT industry size in India is estimated to be 10 lakh crore rupees and it is one of the largest industries in India. In fact, India is the largest outsourcing destination for CE/ IT companies.
  • A lot of IT companies have directly benefited from Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ campaign. Digital payment companies like Paytm, Mobikwik, Walnut, etc. have acquired the center stage. Most of the top paying jobs in Computer/ IT will definitely go to CE/IT Engineers.
  • The industry gives employment to 1 crore Computer/ IT professionals in India and it is only set to grow from here.
  • Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. pay up to 1 crore rupees+ starting salary packages to deserving Degree Engineers! This is not possible to achieve in other fields of study.
  • So far, there are 4,200 startup companies in IT sector in India. Gujarat Government offers financial assistance to those willing to start their own companies in IT. But for that, you will need to complete Degree Engineering and acquire the right skill set.
  • The Government of India is pushing towards two key policies that will provide plenty of jobs to CE/IT Engineers:
  • Digital Economy and AADHAR linked transactions Both these policies will add millions of new jobs in IT sector in upcoming years.
  • The Cloud Computing market in India is expanding at 36% rate per year.
  • Do you want to enter a company at a junior level and stay there for all your life? By completing CE/IT Engineering, you make yourself available for higher positions in a company.
  • Do you want to start your career with only INR 5,000 – INR 10,000 job or do you want to start your career with reputed companies like Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, IBM, etc.?

Think how much your inaction in the present may cost you your future.

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