Mechanical Engineering


To stand at the forefront of Mechanical Engineering education and research, producing graduates who are pioneers in designing and improving mechanical systems for a sustainable future. We strive to cultivate professionals who are not only technically adept but also socially responsible and capable of addressing global challenges.


To deliver an outstanding engineering education that combines thorough analysis with hands-on experience. Our mission emphasizes creativity in design, efficiency in problem-solving, and the ethical application of mechanical engineering principles to address challenges in production, design, thermal and allied industries.


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Head of the Department's Message

Our continuous efforts in the department is towards making an individual ‘employable’ by helping one unveil values & strengths like commitment, responsibility, integrity, self-confidence, teamwork, dealing with people, sincerity, leadership and so on in addition to technical excellence which would help one in their personal as well as professional lives. 


We have qualified, dedicated and hardworking professors who impart conceptual & practical knowledge to students through academic studies, various curricular & co-curricular activities, hands-on projects in National & International competitions like SAEINDIA Baja, Robocon, Aerodesign Challenge, Mega ATV Championship and Hackathon which help our students become true engineers.


Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch which enhances safety, economic vitality, enjoyment & overall quality of life. It applies principles of engineering, physics & material science to produce machines from a small pin to jet engines. Mechanical Engineers design, develop, manufacture, and do the testing, research, maintenance, repair and a lot more in all the industries we see around us.


This is one of the best branches since almost everything we see around us involves the principles of Mechanical Engineering. It may very well be called the mother of all other engineering disciplines. Mechanical Engineers find best job placement opportunities across a lot of industries. With the government actively promoting the 'Make in India' campaign, the job opportunities will be plenty for Mechanical Engineers.


What are you waiting for? Come, join us and be a part of the design, development & manufacturing revolution!



-Prof. Chitralekha Nahar

Head of the Department


Why should one pursue Mechanical Engineering?


  • With the Government of India making a push for ‘Make in India’ campaign, a lot of foreign investment is pouring into the manufacturing sector in India.
  • According to a government report, India’s manufacturing industry has the potential to reach 65 lakh crore rupees by 2025. And who gets the maximum job benefits? Mechanical Engineers!
  • Government funded organizations like CSIR, CPRI, IGCAR, DRDO, ISRO offer great opportunity to Mechanical Engineers for research.
  • Currently, companies are researching in cutting edge Robotics technologies that will generate millions of jobs for Mechanical Engineers. Imagine a group of robotic ants doing all your daily tasks.
  • Quality Degree Engineers get easily picked up by top companies like Tata, Reliance Industries Ltd., Suzlon, Siemens, Caterpillar, etc. In most of these companies, Mechanical Engineers get lucrative starting salary packages of around 5 lakh rupees.
  • With electric vehicle companies like Tesla set to enter the Indian market, the Mechanical Engineers’ scope is only going to get bigger and wider. Tesla pays up to 60 lakh rupees starting package to deserving Mechanical Engineers.
  • After Degree Engineering, a student can build his career in multiple fields: Automobiles, Production, Design, Cryogenics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, etc.
  • Think. Do you want to enter a company at a junior level and stay there for all your life? By completing Mechanical Engineering, you make yourself available for higher positions in a company.
  • Do you want to start your career with only INR 5,000 – INR 10,000 job or do you want to start your career with reputed companies like Mahindra, Tata, Reliance, etc.?
  • There are many top level private and public sector jobs that prefer Degree Engineers students over Diploma Engineers. After Degree Engineering, you can appear for Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam and be a Mechanical Engineer with the Central Government.
  • You can become Class I officer in the Government with Mechanical Engineering. 

 Think how much your inaction in the present may cost you your future.

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