Masters - Electronics & Communication Engineering

Head of the Department's Message

As the Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering department at S.P.B. Patel Engineering College (Saffrony), let me take a moment to introduce this wonderful branch of engineering.

Electronics and Communication (EC) engineering broadly deals with systems related to acquiring, communicating, manipulating and analyzing information. To put it in simple words EC covers wide area of applications from small sensor to huge satellites, simple calculators to super computers, microwave ovens to missiles, mobile phones to medical electronics, automation in industries to electronics in automobiles etc. EC has achieved fastest technology growth ever among all domains of engineering.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department was established in the year 2006 and has a current intake of 60 students in Bachelor’s program. The institute is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University.

Our faculty members are actively involved in research activities and have many research publications in international & national journals and international conferences to their credit.

Students are always encouraged to take part in various international and national project competitions like ROBOCON, Texas Instrument Contest, iCreate, Aerodesign Challenge and have won many awards.

I encourage all the EC aspirants to visit our campus to know more about this life changing program.

All the best!

-Kanu Patel

Head of the Department


Why should one pursue Communication System Engineering?

  • Communication Systems Engineering deals with the design, development and maintenance of technology for communications, ranging from telephones to Internet systems.
  • With the advent of 4G and 5G technologies, the demand for Communication Systems Engineer is set to sky rocket over the next decade.
  • With India building advanced communication capabilities including the existing NAVIC global positioning system, the need for Communication Systems Engineers is high.
  • ISRO has taken a big leap over the past decade and has firmly positioned India as the preferred destination for launching communication satellites.
  • The role of a Communication Systems Engineer is quickly evolving as the technologies become smarter and hence more complex. The advent of Li-Fi technology presents a strong case for the same.
  • The Communication Systems Engineering program at S.P.B. Patel Engineering College has a strong professional base, with a focus on preparing graduates for careers in both private and public sectors.
  • P.B. Patel Engineering College provides an excellent industry interface whereby corporates and tech-gurus from the length and breadth of India come and interact with students on a regular basis. The college also provides ample opportunities for internships, industrial visits and job placements.
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