Dr. Jashavant J. Patel

Dr. Jashavant J. Patel

Head of the Department

[email protected]

Educational Qualifications

B.E. (Electrical Engineering) 1974

Sardar Patel University, V.V. Nagar, Gujarat, India

Received two gold medals for securing highest percentage of marks.

M.Tech. (Power Apparatus and Systems) 1976-78

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India

Master’s project: “Sub-synchronous Resonance Analysis of EHV series compensated transmission lines”.

Ph.D., High Voltage Engineering 1983-1987

M.S. University of Baroda, Gujarat, India

Title:” Breakdown phenomena and evaluation of testing methods under bias voltages”.

Diploma in management (Part I and Part II) 1992

A three years postgraduate diploma in management degree from All India Management Association, New Delhi.

Awards / Achievements

How R&D evaluation was done and notable achievements at CGL

  • New product sales: CGL was to reach 25% of total revenue by 2015. We had reached this target by 31st March 2012. After words the target was revised to 35% for Power Systems(PS) and Industrial Systems(IS) and 75% for Consumer Products(CP). We had detailed micro level plan based on Technology and Product gap analysis and R&D initiatives were accordingly put in place.
  • From 2009 to 2012, we had tripled the strength of technologists in CGL. Recruited 39 PhDs from various IITs, NITs for developing various platform technologies.
  • We were to reach 100 IPRs every year by 2015. We had filed 318 IPRs by 31st March 2012.
  • We were to publish 25 Technical papers every year in various International conferences and journals. By 31st  March 2012, we had published 72 technical papers in various National and International conferences and journals.
  • We got recognition of all our Product R & D by Department of Science and Industrial Research(DSIR), Government of India by 2012. As a result, CGL is  getting 200% tax benefits on OPEX and CAPEX from DSIR.
  • Globally we appointed best Professors from various Academia to work with us as consultants for Technology Development. By 2012 we had 18 such experts globally working with CGL.
  • Did extensive research on Power Transformer to retain market share. 25 executives were working full time for various research projects for two years. Weight of Power Transformer(PT) was reduced by 12% to 27% by optimizing design and processes. Thirty patents had been filed for PT during 2010-12. Later on the team started working on 30% thermal performance improvement of Power Transformer and we had set up Global Radiator research lab for the same in 2012. New insulating materials, Bio oil, new paper with reduced permittivity, high strength steels, new processes, SFRA, lead exit, new shield design, condition monitoring and diagnostics are the areas that we were working on along with Experts from various Institutes.
  • Successfully conceptualized, designed and manufactured 1200 kV, 333MVA auto Power Transformer and the same was commissioned in Feb 2012 at PGCIL Bina site
  • Planned for Nano research program by working with various Global Labs. Eleven projects were identified for developing new nano material for applying in Power Transformers ,motors , switchgears and Consumer Products( CP).
  • Developed new BLDC ceiling fans technology which got commercialized in 2012. 
  • Planned for new solar initiatives for CP and new technology development by working with one of the leading Institutes in India.
  • Developed 72.5 kV, 40 kA Vacuum Bottle and VCB.
  • Developed compact 245 kV/50 kA GIS which is the best among all.

[These are the few major achievements mentioned here, there are many more to quote.]

Few Major systems/process achievements at Crompton Greaves Limited

  • Established Technology Board and Technology Committee for evolving technology strategy and monitoring the progress.
  • Enhanced project management practices at Global R&D center(GRND)
  • Streamlined the New Product Development (NPD) and Implemented stage gate process across the company by developing new 137 templates for various documentations. Gate assessment was owned by Divisions and marketing managers.
  • Initiated CMMI level 3 certification for software development projects.
  • Integrated Global R&D with all divisions technology centers including marketing heads. The new technology projects were being reviewed by Marketing executives.
  • All of these helped increase commercialization rate of New Technology from 30% to 90% by 2012.
  • Fifteen new Platform Technology Projects were rolled out based on our Technology vision. Ten platform technology projects had already been completed by 2012.
  • Cycle time for new product development was being continually reduced. Many initiatives were taken to reduce cycle time for new product development by 50%
  • Market driven New Product Development (NPD) process in all Businesses.
  • Global Technical Training School to enhance technical competency across CGL.
  • Tier II Leadership Development was initiated for developing young leaders.
  • Established new world class Electronics Development Centre(EDC) by building new 50000 Sqft office and laboratory area.
  • Established UHV research Centre up to 1600 kV AC at Nashik, India
  • Initiated collaborative projects for Technology Development with Academia, Suppliers, Lead customers and freelancers.
  • Planned for establishing Superconducting Technology and Nano Technology center.
  • Planned for Vacuum Arc Research Lab in consultation with one Global leading consultant.
  • Prepared plan for developing 50 new products every quarter for Consumer Products.

Summary of skills:

  • R & D Management
  • Technology Strategy
  • Product Development
  • High Voltage engineering, Planning and design of UHV laboratory.
  • High Voltage Testing Techniques
  • Project management using ABB gate model for product development
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostic techniques
  • Planning and design of Insulation laboratory
  • Power systems analysis.
  • Power systems grounding.
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technology Management
  • Insulation design.
  • Life evaluation of electrical products
  • Value engineering


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Nayan Shah, Dr JJ Patel and Mufdal Dhankot, "Wavelet transform for detecting insulation qualities of instrument transformers" at IEEMA conference Jan 2006.

Nayan Shah and Dr JJ Patel, "Effect of Oil Temperature on Time-Current Characteristics of Oil Immersed Expulsion type of Fuse used in CSP type Transformers" has been accepted at International Conference on Electrical Fuses and Their Application:

Additional articles published along with CIGRE working group members:

Controlled Switching - A Stat-of-the-Art Survey, Task Force13.00.1 of Study Committee 13, Electra, February 1996, No. 196.

Controlled Switching of HVAC Circuit Breakers – Guide for Application Lines, Reactors, Capacitors, Transformers ,Working Group 13.07, Electra April 1999, No. 183.

Controlled Switching : Non-conventional Applications, Working Group A3.07, Electra June 2004, No. 214.

Controlled Switching of HVAC – Circuit Breakers – Benefits and Economic Aspects, Working Group A3.07, Electra December 2004, No. 217.

(Few more papers are published but not listed here)


Professional Affiliations

  • CIGRE Member since 1992
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • Fellow Member and Chartered Engineer of Institution of electrical Engineers since 1988
  • Life member of Society of Power Engineers
  • Was Member of board of studies of a few engineering colleges.
  • Fellow of Indian National Academic of Engineering , 2006
  • Life member of Administrative Staff College of India , Hyderabad, 1987

Professional Work Experience

Professional Details:

  • Technology Advisor to Crompton Greaves Limited (CGL)

8th November 2012 to 30th June 2013

  • Vice President and Global Head of Technology and R&D, CGL, Mumbai, India

16th March 2009 to 31st October 2012

  • Vice President and Head Technology, ABB India, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

1978 to 14th March 2013 (Joined ABB  as an Engineer in 1978 and grew to Vice President  position in 2004)


Worked with Ahmedabad Electricity Company (AECo, now renamed as Torrent Power)


9 years of hands on professional experience in working on R & D development projects in the filed of High voltage engineering, Substation engineering, Power Systems including products and software development.


14 years of experience in Managing R & D activities of High Voltage Switchgear and Powers System Group. The strength of the group was on average 23 Post graduates with specialization in Power system, High Voltage engineering, Mechanical engineering, Energy Management, Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering.

2001-March 2009

During this period, I was heading the R&D department of ABB.  The department had groups working on Power systems Analysis, High Voltage and insulation, Power electronics and electronics, Mechanical engineering and Simulation.

From 2004 till March 2009, I was heading R&D and Technology function of ABB India.

2009 March -2013 June

Worked for CGL Mumbai.

I have guided about 50 Post graduate projects students in the field of Power systems, High voltage engineering and insulation design. At ABB I was guiding 2 Ph.D students.

Product development experience: 

Following products have been developed by myself and or closely guided by me. These are entirely new products or major range extensions: 

  • Development of 12 kV, 42 kVAR High Voltage Power Capacitor.
  • Development of 245-420 kV EHV disconnector, center break and Pantograph type.
  • Development of 11kV off-load disconnect switch
  • Range extension of 12 kV indoor MOCB.
  • Development of 800 kV High Voltage Damping Resistor
  • Development of 600kV High Voltage Capacitor Voltage Divider
  • Planning/establishment of Extra High Voltage Laboratory. (750 kV, 50 Hz and 2200 kV Impulse)
  • First in India established `Bias Voltage Test Facility’.
  • Design and fabrication of damped capacitive voltage divider.
  • Development of AC Immunization Relay for Railways.
  • Design and development of 30 V DC Trip Coil for Circuit Breakers.
  • Development of relays and relays groups for Railway Signaling application.
  • Cost reduction and standardization of switch cubicle for SF6 circuit breaker.
  • Development of over voltage protective device for series capacitor.
  • Development of voltage interlock for 12-36 kV Medium Voltage metal clad indoor switchgear.
  • Development of trigger electrode and arc sensor for series capacitor over voltage protection.
  • Development of 36kV epoxy cast floor and through bushing for MV Cubicles.
  • High voltage indicator using bushing insulators for 3.3 kV to 36 kV panels.
  • Development of 145/245/400/800 kV CVT using mixed dielectric impregnated with mineral oil.
  • Development of 145 kV/4400 pF CVT using mixed dielectric and synthetic fluids
  • Development of spark gap for over voltage protection of CVT.
  • Development of wave trap for transmission line PLCC application.
  • Development of MV series capacitor system.
  • Development of 36kV/1200A, outdoor live tank Vacuum Circuit Breaker.
  • Development of 20kV/1000VA dry type electromagnetic PT.

Software Development:

  • Sag-tension calculation of EHV Substation.
  • Harmonic filter design and analysis.
  • Evaluation of transients in EHV System.
  • Arc furnace performance evaluation, optimization and reactor design.
  • Earthing design of EHV substations in uniform and non-uniform soil.
  • Design automation /optimization of 400kV current transformer
  • Design optimization of tuning pot for wave traps
  • Sizing of wind-diesel-battery-inverter standalone power generating system.
  • Computer aided design of substation bus bars subjected to electro dynamic forces.
  • Shielding design of EHV substation and performance analysis.
  • Frequency trend and discrete under frequency relays for co-coordinated load shedding.
  • Optimization of Wind Diesel & Battery-Inverter standalone power systems.
  • Computer software development for designing epoxy cast MV current transformers.
  • Computer program for the determination of carrier signal attenuation on horizontal HV lines.

 Design and development of test laboratory:

  • Design and development of Extra High Voltage laboratory, 1979
  • Development of bias voltage test facility for longitudinal insulation, 1983
  • Establishment of 3 phase, 10000 amps High current laboratory. 1979
  • Design and development of Insulation laboratory, 1995
  • Design and development of Power Transformer test laboratory up to 400 kV, 365 MVA.,1997
  • Planning, design and execution of UHV lab for 1200 kV products Testing, 2007

Workshops / STTPs / FDPs / Training Programs

Training Experiences:

ABB Internal

  • Leadership Challenge Program, July 19-21, 2005.
  • Quality Function Deployment 1992
  • General Management Capsule 1991
  • Time Base Management, 1990


  • High Voltage Engineering and Testing Techniques, IIT Chennai 1984
  • PSCAD, IIT Delhi 1987
  • Refresher course in Power System Analysis , IIT Kanpur 1989
  • Total Quality Management by ISI, Bangalore, 1991
  • Managing R&D Systems -A 5 day residential workshop conducted by Administrative Staff College of India Hyderabad during August 1987
  • “Seven Habits of effective people” by Baroda Productivity Council, 2004
  • “You can win” , by Shiv Khera, 1997

Key Projects of Students

  • Development of railway signaling relays and groups, 1992
  • Development of motor drive type MT50 for disconnectors,1994
  • Development of Line trap for PLCC communications, 1995
  • Development of self powered induction disc type over current/earth fault relay, 1997.
  • Design and development of epoxy cast bushings for air insulated metal clad 12 kV indoor panel, 1998
  • Design and development of epoxy cast bushings for air insulated metal clad 36 kV indoor panel, 1998
  • Cost Optimization of epoxy cast current transformers up to 36 kV and oil impregnated current transformers up to 400 kV, 1999
  • Development of 36 kV, 1200 amps , 31.5 kA Outdoor live tank Vacuum circuit breaker, 1996
  • Development of 12 kV, 1200 amps, 31.5 kA Outdoor live tank Vacuum circuit breaker with magnetic actuator 1998
  • 420 kV, 2000 amps Center Break Disconnector development,2003
  • Development of 72.5 kV Combined CB+CT,2003
  • Development of 72.5-145 kV Double Break Disconnector,2006
  • Development of economical design of 72.5 kV , 1250 Amps, 31.5 kA hair pin type CT.2006
  • Design of Control block for Vacuum circuit breaker for traction application (2000)
  • Design of Controller for three phase 60 kVAR IGBT based Dynamic Active Var Compensator (STATCON) for windmill applications(2000/01)
  • Design of Grid meter for Electric Utility applications(2001-02)
  • Control electronics for Pole mounted capacitor switch (2003)
  • Local repairs/design for Haefely HV rectifier setup (2003)
  • Timers for Railway applications (2003)
  • DSP based 150 kVAR STATCON for Indian railways (2004)
  • Low cost restricted earth fault relay, Trip circuit supervision relay (2004)
  • Motor drive Indian sourcing for ABB, Sweden(2005)
  • Numerical relays development – NI40/NI41(2005-06)
  • Rogoweski sensor based Over current and Earth fault protection relay : REF601/REJ601(2006-2007)
  • Self powered relays for over current and earth fault protection: REJ603 (2006- 2007)


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