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Institute Updates: Teacher's Day 2021 Celebration

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 5:14 AM

Teacher’s Day is celebrated by our Institute every year but this time’s celebration was “Out of the box”. It left everyone mesmerized & stunned. Looking forward to exploring the day? Let’s take a quick journey of the event.

It started with an inaugural video, virtual assembly. All the participants including faculties witnessed the inaugural address by the principals of Teacher’s day along with the students nominated as HODs. The address by the Principal included points such as warm wishes to everyone, the reason behind the celebration of the teacher’s day, upcoming events and sessions, et cetera.

After the inaugural video, teachers of the teachers' day started conducting lectures. Each and every lecture was well delivered and the topics were well-explained. The interaction between the class and the teacher was awesome. Students were trying hard to be the mirror image of their beloved teachers. This provoked a sensation of pride amidst the teachers of the institute. Lectures delivered entailed numerous information and knowledge for all. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is like manure, it's only good when spread”.

Feedback was taken using Google form after every lecture and the responses by the students and teachers for the whole event were commendable and heart-touching.

Post lunch the most awaited event began, that was the “Bonding Session”. Knowing teachers by just their teaching in the classroom is never enough. There's another side of it which is generally untouched and unexplored. That is what the Bonding Session this time focused on. The session started with an awesome anchoring, carried out by the team of bonding sessions. The anchors were well-versed with their roles, performed so well online, it really felt like the audience is witnessing the event offline. There were riddles designed for each faculty of the institution. Students were supposed to guess the name of the faculty. Along with their names & roles, everyone got to know regarding faculty's hidden talents too. Students have seen the faculties teaching in class but to witness their hidden talents of art, music, sports was a mesmerizing experience. It was fun to interact with them, knowing about their life stories. In the end, there was a surprise planned for the professors designed by the volunteers. Faculties received a beautiful e-card, a customized gratitude letter on behalf of all the students which was unique for everyone. A very touching moment for the professors was to watch a beautiful anthem written and recited by students appreciating teachers for all the efforts they put for students' development. 

This Teacher's Day 2021, was unique and became one of the best Online Celebrations ever for teachers, students and everyone who attended. A big team of creative, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, divided into various committees like Review and Report writing, Video and Photography, Time Table committee, designing Bonding Session and token of gratitude worked so hard to make the event flawless, memorable, and mesmerizing. The big and beautiful smile on the faces of teachers as well as students showed how successful the event was! The glimpses of the responses can be acquired through the images attached.

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Saturday, September 4, 2021 10:20 AM

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Saturday, July 17, 2021 3:17 AM

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GUJCET 2021 - Registration Date Announcement

Saturday, June 26, 2021 10:20 AM

For GUJCET 2021 Registration

16th May, 2021 was truly a day to be mesmerizingly recalled since it was the first time only experience for not just the performers, but every student, faculty and volunteer for the Fusion 2021 to be celebrated virtually.  

This year’s annual event, Fusion - The Cultural Fest was organized virtually on Zoom and it truly unfolded the unexpected. The ambience and exuberance has remarkably played beautifully on this day, uniquely unveiling the theme –  “Humaari Neev-Humaari Shaan, Celebrating the profound foundations of India”. 

Students showcased their talents in numerous ways through their outstanding performances, where the audience, kith and kin, colleagues and students got a revealing persona which was praiseworthy. Some were secret little artists who had showcased their art work in the creativity corner, where else some were amazing dancers, some proved to be truly the aspiring poets of future by not just reciting but even creating their very own poem and lastly a group of actors played an astounding drama enacted and scripted by them wholly. The event literally manifested Mark Twain’s words- "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand-mother of tradition.”  

Although the performances were less in number than expected as this is the testing time going as well it was a new platform, virtual one, the event was successful. It was all possible because of “Hamaare college ki neev- Hamaari unity”. The whole event was only possible because of the hard-work, day-night efforts and conscientious management done by teachers, students who actively took part and volunteered. Volunteering committees such as Anchoring committee, Video-editing and Photography committee, Screen-operation and presentation committee etc. were handled by student volunteers who took this event to the glory it truly deserves. 

The evening went fabulous and rendered an enthralling and enriching experience.   

Here are some pleasant glimpses of the event:

  "Personal Development is a major time-saver, the earlier you become better, the less time  it takes you to achieve your goals." Truly said, and this year with a creative change in syllabus GTU introduced a subject called Integrated Personality Development Course. To develop moral values, ethics, and awareness among the students, Saffrony Institute of Technology and IPDC Team organized an activity in Vision India 2030 for all the 6th semester students. 

  The aim of organizing this activity was to make students come out of their comfort zone with healthy interaction among the team, managing the leadership skills, having respect for each other and most importantly to reach out to people for communication. Well with a challenging exercise of minimising the use of internet as much as possible, students were divided into 10 teams and allocated various sectors, namely Defense, Medical, Trade and Diplomacy, Economics, Science and Technology, Infrastructure and Transportation, Agriculture, Aeronautical, Education and Vision India 2030 which are the areas for the development of India.

  Apart from incredible teamwork and creativity in presentation from participating students, a  noteworthy acknowledgement to our dear HoD's and faculty members present during the presentation who kept the teams motivated throughout by sharing their valuable thoughts and reviews which gave very reinforcement to students to keep performing great and outdo themselves in every way!

Here are the glimpses of the enthralling webinar:


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