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An Orientation Program for the newly admitted Students & Parents of Diploma and Degree of Saffrony Institute of Technology was held on 19th July, 2018.

It was indeed a happy moment for Saffrony Institute to welcome their new family members and also for the new members to become a part of an Institute that wants to instill not only IQ but also EQ & SQ in the young minds making them an all rounder Engineer and an Excellent Human Being.

The Program covered the understanding of the Strong Academic System, the Solicitous Counselling System, the Fun-n-Learning filled Bridge Course/Induction Program and the roles of parents in the lives of their children ending in a note of Divine Blessings from the parents to their children!

Here are the glimpses of the felicitous program:

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Saffrony Institute of Technology - Diploma Mechanical Department had arranged ✴ Sand Casting Demonstration Workshop ✴ for 3rd semester Mechanical students on 10th July, 2018. They are studying this topic in the subject Manufacturing Engineering-I.
Overall 70% casting are manufactured by sand casting in India. More than 5000 sand 🏭 casting foundries are working in India. This casting is used in machine body, automobile industry, valve body, motor body, various metal design, gear, pipes, metal ornaments, metal toys and more.
By this demonstration student got to learn many things like sand preparation, mould making, metal melting & pouring and how to run foundry. 
Mr. Dayabhai gave information about how to setup foundry, how to run business, how to do market survey, how to do negotiation, and how to sell product. Mr. Dahyabhi is an owner of 🏢 Ganesh Moulding Works which is located in Mehsana GIDC. He has around 👏 20 years of experience in Sand Casting and pattern making process.
🌟Malay Modh & Abhishek Bhama🌟 - Final Year Mechanical Students brought another Glorious ✌ Victory to Saffrony Institute of Technology.
They participated in INTERNATIONAL ROBOTICS EVENT named - TECHNOXIAN organized by Central Government's - AICRA - All India Council for Robotics & Automation.
The competition was held in the Nation's capital New Delhi on 3oth June & 1st July, 2018.
Our students took part in RoboSoccer ⚽ and RoboRace 🏃where they beat other participants from not only various states of India but also countries like China, Vietnam, Germany etc and bagged the 🎖3rd Prize in Both the Competitions making way through about 150 to 300 competitors.
Saffrony Institute if very Proud and Happy to wish these young Talents a Big Congratulations!
A new bright🌤 opportunity opened up for Saffronites of ALL BRANCHES when Mr. Mayank Singh 😎 who is the Recruitment 💼Head for 💻Tata Consultancy Services came in person on 4th July, 2018 to talk about the International Competition - CodeVita organized by TCS.
He listed the opportunities that not just CS/IT but students from all other streams can avail by joining TCS.
He also conducted a 🖱demonstration on how to register📜 online and the entire schedule🗓 for the online exams.
A lot of students from various branches are very😃 excited to embark on this new challenging journey and Saffrony wishes them all the very best✌!
The third Sharpen Your Skill session conducted on 4th July, 2018, covered another booming skill - ICT Literacy aka Literacy of  Information & Communications Technology.
This skill is very crucial to understand as it opens🚪doors to the humongous pool of information that is available in the outside world. But most important Mr. Akash Mehta taught students how to master 💻ICT Literacy, how to critically analyze the information so that we can put it at our best disposal in🖐 5 simple steps namely: Access, Manage, Integrate, Evaluate & Create.
Students were also informed that these skills will be pivotal for the generation that is graduating in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!
Apart from the new set of skills that students acquired they were also thrilled to hear about the 📈 peaks that upgradation will reach bringing technology to work for them at the blink of an eye👁!
Saffrony Institute of Technology hosted a successful Orientation Program for students of 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters on 28th June, 2018.
Every subject was oriented in a very innovative way describing everything from 👨🏫Teaching Scheme to Applications, 💻 Softwares, 👩🎓 👨🎓Employment/Career Opportunities, 📑 Designations involved, 🏭 Industries related to the subject, 🔗Interdependency among other engineering branches and subjects, ✨ Future of the subject, ❓Open-Ended Problems, 📈 Technical & Non-Technical Skills developed by studying the subject and Intellectual Benefits of the same.
This helped broaden the vision 😎 of students in all the areas and also showed a way to build their career 💼 on the subject that they may like the most.
A Sharpen Your Skill Session was 🗣  conducted by our Chief Student Development Officer - Mr. Akash Mehta on 😃Active Listening👂on 27th June, 2018.
The session covered:
1. What🤔 is Active Listening?
2. Reasons🔢 why one should learn Active Listening 
3. Benefits📈 of Active Listening
4. Simple Steps to develop💪 Active Listening Skills

Saffronites of 3rd Semester EC and CE Department went on a very informative Industrial visit at Patson Electronics, Bhuj and Genus Electrotech Ltd., Gandhidham on 25th June, 2018 and 26th June, 2018 respectively.

Genus Electrotech Ltd, is one of the famous Electronics Company in Gujarat. It is very big industry in Electronics field. It makes LED products, Color Television Sets for Elcot., Washing Machines for LG and Cables also. 

In this company, students have visited Hi-​​​​Tech PCB Plant, Sheet Metal Plant, Automatic Powder Coating, Plastic Injection Molding, Liquid Paint Shop, EPS Plant, Final Assembly Lines, Cable Plant and Electronic Energy Meter Plant. 

Patson electronics is a small Electronics Company located at Bhuj. It makes auto switch and electrical panels.

🎓Saffronites studying in 3rd Semester in  🚗Auto, 🏗Civil & 🛠Mechanical branch had a fun afternoon playing a game that would facilitate them in 🤔 understanding various
 Force Systems 🏹& understanding the concept of 🔢Magnitude & ⏭Direction of the Resultant of a Force System covered in the subject Mechanics of Solids.
Dear Saffronites,
Saffrony Institute of Technology is hosting an Event  '2 Idiots' -  🕵 A Unique Career-Counselling Session for 10th, 11th and 12th Science students as well as their parents on 2nd & 3rd June at Himmatnagar, Vijapur & Visnagar.
This 🎓 Career Oriented Informative Seminar will be filled with Facts & Figures about the future of various👷 Engineering Branches, the Investment in the various fields by Government and Private 🏭 Industries and Growth of the branches in the next four years.
Also topics like ❓Why Engineering ❓How to study in the 4 years of Engineering effectively❓Which Parameters to keep in mind while choosing a college ❓  Which Engineering Branch one should select? What are the skills required for doing job or Business? The ACPC process guidance, etc will also be covered.
Invite all your school friends and relatives for a 🌟Knowledge Packed Career Oriented Session🌟  to make them aware them of the Wonderful 🛠Engineering World🌍.
For detailed information about this event and the address, find the📃 Brochure attached.
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