Institute Updates - Sharpen your Skills - Session on 'Tips & tricks to overcome common mistakes of student's life' conducted by 2nd Semester students - 27th February, 2019

A Sharpen Your Skills session on 'Tips & tricks to overcome common mistakes of student's life'  conducted at Saffrony Institute of Technology on 27th of February, 2019 by two of the 2nd-year Computer Engineering Students   🌠 Paurav Patel 🌠and 🌠Naman Vyas🌠.

The session was specially designed for the for the First Year students. In this session, several tips and tricks for studying, hacking your own mind, and directing inclinations towards studying were discussed. Students were made aware of the common mistakes made by the majority that may cause disadvantages to their career. In the end, students were made aware of the SWAT club and the importance of developing skills beyond the syllabus. 

Here are the Glimpses of the same: 📸

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