Institute Updates - Sharpen Your Skills Session - Winter 2019 - Session 2 - 'Happenings in Last Semester & Orientation of Current Semester'

The second Sharpen Your Skill session was conducted on 26th June, 2019.  
The aim 🎯 of this session was to orient everyone regarding various activities, competitions, workshops, technical visits, etc which were covered in the previous semester and well as coming up in the current semester. Speakers also talked about the achievements of students in academics, extra-curricular & co-curricular activities. They also talked about placements of students & Alumni working in premier companies. All these achievements 🎖 in academics, extra-curricular, co-curricular and placements were due to hard work, sincerity, and dedication of students & their faculty members. 
This interactive session also included, how one can enjoy his/her college life by actively participating in various competitions, workshops as well as excelling in their academics to be an employable engineer. Participating in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities can help students develop various soft skills like teamwork, leadership, debugging, multitasking, confidence, presentation, communication, public dealing, coordination, etc. The faculty members also encouraged students students to enroll at least one course 💻 on NPTEL. The session was conducted by Dr. Vishnu Awasthi & Prof. Chitralekha Nahar.  
'Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew!' - Cicely Tyson  
Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼
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