Institute Updates - Industrial Visit - Students of 3rd & 5th Semester Civil Engineering - Technical Visit to Bhadar Irrigation Scheme & Hi-Bond Cement Plant on 9th -10th August 2019

Civil Engineering Department organized a technical visit🏗 🚃of 3rd and 5th-semester students to Bhadar-1 Irrigation🌾🌾 Scheme and Hi-Bond Cement Plant🏭🏭 in Saurashtra on 9th and 10th August 2019.

The visit to Bhadar-1 was related to the subject of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering💧 and Irrigation Engineering🌊
Bhadar-1 is one of the largest irrigation🌿🌾💧💧 scheme of Saurashtra after Shetrunji. It was constructed in the year 1964. Shri. C.R. Naghera, Asst. Engineer and Incharge of Bhadar Irrigation Scheme briefed the students about the salient features of the dam and explained its importance in the region. The 💧🌊water storage capacity❄ of the reservoir🌊 is approximately 6000 Mcft.
The scheme provides irrigation 🌾💧❄water to 5 taluka of Junagadh and Rajkot District with a gross command area of nearly 37000 hectares. It also acts as Flood Control Reservoir. The reservoir also fulfills the drinking water🏟🏞 requirement of Rajkot City ⛲and nearby areas. The 👩students👨‍‍visited the various dam structures like an earthen dam, spillway, vertical lift gates⛩🛣, fuse plug, canal HR well, Intake well and drainage gallery.
Students have also explained the functioning and data collection process of the dam site ☀🌞🌦🌧🌨🌩☔Meteorological Station.
Thereafter 👩 students👨‍‍visited Hi-Bond Cement Plant🏭🏭. The purpose of the visit was to provide the student with an insight into the Cement manufacturing process. Company engineers Mr. Rajput and Mr. Kartik took the students through the plant visit. They explained that the plant is having a capacity of 9 lakh ton per annum and manufactures OPC, PPC and Slag Cement. The visit🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ started with the Central Control Room (CCR)🚏🚥🚦 where the entire control of operations was shown like feeding, klining, grinding, packaging, the entire process was automated. Thereafter students were shown material loading section🚚🚚 where raw material🗻🗻 like limestone, clay, fire clay, iron oxide, silica fume, their significance and feeding process was explained to them. 
The 👩 students 👨‍were shown and explained the various process of clinker formation, grinding, mixing, 🛍packaging and loading.🧱🏗💈🚜🚛
The technical visit was a great👌👌 and exemplary 👍👍learning experience for the students.
Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼
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