Institute Updates - 10 Days' Java Training Program for ORACLE Certification @ Saffrony Institute, from 3rd June to 13th June, 2019.

Saffrony Institute of Technology🏢 organized a 10 days Workshop on "Java Training Program for Oracle Certification" from 3rd June to 13th June, 2019 and is very proud of the 42 participants that made the most of this workshop/trainingOracle Certified Associate (OCA) is the entry-level certification for Java programmers. It helps students to build fundamental understanding of Java programming. 

In these 10 days of training program, students learned the basics of the language such as variables, data types, arrays, loops, classes, methods, exceptions and also some not-so-basic topics like downcasting, explicit casting, autoboxing, auto-unboxing including some of the features of Java 8 like forEach() method in Iterable interface, default and static methods in Interfaces, Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions! 

On the last day of this training, interactive doubt-solving sessions were conducted for the whole day. Every day was the combination of theoretical demonstration, on the spot MCQ practice & practicals of each and every concept.

Saffronites were privileged to be trained by Mr. Jaysukh Patel, from ITS Data Solution Pvt. Ltd. having 17 years of experience as an expert trainer in the field of Java Technology. 

As the next step of this training program, every participant has to give 3 mock tests within the duration of three days for practice, making them confident & capable tcrack final OCA-the entry level certification exam.

The ultimate aim🎯of this training program was to enhance 📈students' programming, logical and problem-solving skill and make all of them competent & trained enough to crack these kinds of the certification courses to get a head start with their career and remain a competent player in the game

Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼

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