Institute Updates: FDP - Magic in the Classroom 2023 Series - Session 1 on 24th January, 2023

Saffrony Institute of Technology is committed to creating a positive and effective teaching-learning environment in every classroom on campus. To achieve this goal, the institute has resumed the special series of Faculty Development Program called "Magic in the Classroom”. This program aims to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment that is conducive to student success.

The first session of the "Magic in the Classroom" - 2023 series was conducted on January 24, 2023 by Dr. Pooja Mehta which was attended by all the faculty members of Diploma & Degree Engineering. The session was focused on Vision and Goal Setting, which is an essential aspect of any individual’s personal and professional development. Dr. Pooja Mehta enlightened everyone about the power of positive/negative imagination. She shared the experiments conducted by Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto which proves that our positive thoughts, words and actions can create a tremendous positive impact in our classrooms and on our students and hence the importance of positive imagination and setting positive goals and visions. Through an activity on creating a Shared Vision which is necessary for building an effective learning environment, all the faculties came together, they deliberated upon, discussed, designed and displayed their vision with great enthusiasm, and many reported that they found the experience to be invaluable and inspiring.

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