Institute Updates- Workshop on Group Discussion for 6th Sem students on 17th-18th January, 2019

"Alone we can do little; together we can do much.", said Helen Keller.

This is so true about idea generation too. More the merrier! More members, more and varied ideas! Group discussion is one of the widely used tools for idea generation. Group discussion has even become an integral part of the recruitment process. 

Students need to master the art of discussion. To train the students for the same, an English Grooming Workshop on Group Discussion was organized for 6th Semester degree students of Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢on 17th-18th January, 2019. Dr. Pooja Mehta, an Assistant Professor, conducted the workshop and guided students for various techniques of idea generation and tactics of the discussion in a group. Students thoroughly enjoyed and eagerly took part in the workshop.  

Here are the Glimpses of the same: 📸  

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