Institute Updates – MY INDIA, MY VISION an activity conducted by 6th semester students of all Departments on 24th, 25th & 31st March 2021.

  "Personal Development is a major time-saver, the earlier you become better, the less time  it takes you to achieve your goals." Truly said, and this year with a creative change in syllabus GTU introduced a subject called Integrated Personality Development Course. To develop moral values, ethics, and awareness among the students, Saffrony Institute of Technology and IPDC Team organized an activity in Vision India 2030 for all the 6th semester students. 

  The aim of organizing this activity was to make students come out of their comfort zone with healthy interaction among the team, managing the leadership skills, having respect for each other and most importantly to reach out to people for communication. Well with a challenging exercise of minimising the use of internet as much as possible, students were divided into 10 teams and allocated various sectors, namely Defense, Medical, Trade and Diplomacy, Economics, Science and Technology, Infrastructure and Transportation, Agriculture, Aeronautical, Education and Vision India 2030 which are the areas for the development of India.

  Apart from incredible teamwork and creativity in presentation from participating students, a  noteworthy acknowledgement to our dear HoD's and faculty members present during the presentation who kept the teams motivated throughout by sharing their valuable thoughts and reviews which gave very reinforcement to students to keep performing great and outdo themselves in every way!

Here are the glimpses of the enthralling webinar:


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