Parent-Teacher Meet for Diploma & Degree Saffronites

A Parent-Teacher Meet organized at regular intervals by Saffrony Institute of Technology aims at providing a platform to make a 💫  lasting bond with the parent to increase the likelihood of  📈 academic success for their child.
The PTM helps to 👥 communicate to parents the areas their child are 👏 excelling in as well as to provide them with specific ideas on how to improve their child's performance. It is a stepping stone to foster improvement within each student.
In a view of it, the first Parents-Teachers Meet of 3rd and 5th sem Degree and Diploma students of the year 2018-19 was organized on 20th August, 2018. At first, the parents were oriented and briefed about the new initiatives and progress of the 🏥 institute. Then the parents had a meeting with the student's counselors and subject teachers.
It was a 😊 happy sight to see many parents turning up, the concern they had for their child. 
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