Institute Updates: FDP - Magic in the Classroom 2023 Series - Session 2 on 31st January & 2nd February, 2023


The clarity of vision, goal to create and achieve the shared vision was the theme of the first session of FDP - Let’s Create Magic in the Classroom. For the clarity of vision, achieving the goals, constant improvement, being better at what one does, reflection is a must. Purposeful reflection at the heart of a structured cycle of self-observation and self-evaluation for continuous learning is so powerful. The second session of the FDP focused on Reflection and Reflective Practices. The faculties of Diploma and Degree engineering attended this session in two batches, Batch 1 on 31st January and Batch 2 on 2nd February, 2023

The session designed and delivered by Dr. Pooja Mehta aimed at creating an experience for all the participants and made them reflect. Through interesting activities, reflective questions for teachers, discussion and sharing of nuances of reflective learning and teaching, this session rendered a different level of experience for all the participants. It was truly felt that a culture of reflective practice creates a strong foundation for continuously improving teaching and learning. The session ended with a sharing by each participant about what, why and how of reflection and reflective practices, their reflection experiences, reflective practices they would like to explore and try. A participative model of this faculty development program, activities, sharings and discussions made an enriching experience for all the participants. 

Here are the glimpses of the session….

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