Expert Session on 'Application of Differential Equations' for all 3rd Sem Saffronites by Dr. Dilip Patel

Saffrony Institute of Technology was very fortunate to have Dr. Dilip B. Patel, Ph.D. (Mathematics) to conduct an expert lecture on 🔢 "Application of Differential Equations" for all the 3rd-semester-degree engineering students on 10th August, 2018. 
Dr. Dilip B. Patel is an Assistant Professor in Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering Department at 🏥  Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University.
In the expert session, he shared some of the Applications of Differential equations in a very interesting way which is related to 🛠 Mechanical Engineering, 🔌 Electrical Engineering, 💻 Computer Engineering etc. He also shared some other important concepts likes 🌠 L-R-C, R-C, L-R Circuits, Newton cooling law, Modelling free Mechanical oscillation, Economics, Mother nature, Bots, Creating games, Networking, Artificial intelligence. 🌠 
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