Institute Updates - Sand Casting Demonstration Workshop for 3rd Semester Diploma Mechanical Students

Saffrony Institute of Technology - Diploma Mechanical Department had arranged ✴ Sand Casting Demonstration Workshop ✴ for 3rd semester Mechanical students on 27th June,2019

They are studying this topic in the subject Manufacturing Engineering-I.

Overall 70% casting are manufactured by sand casting in India. More than 5000 sand 🏭casting foundries are working in India. This casting is used in machine body, automobile industry, valve body, motor body, various metal design, gear, pipes, metal ornaments, metal toys and more.


By this demonstration student got to learn many things like sand preparation, mould making, metal melting & pouring and how to run foundry. 

Mr. Dahyabhai gave information about how to setup foundry, how to run business, how to do market survey, how to do negotiation, and how to sell product. Mr. Dahyabhi is the owner of 🏢 Ganesh Moulding Works which is located in Mehsana GIDC. He has around 👏 20 years of experience in Sand Casting and pattern making process.

Here are the glimpses attached: 🖼 

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