Institute Updates - Parents -Teacher Meeting (PTM) - For all semester students at Saffrony Institute on 15th March 2020

Parental encouragement👨👩👦 has always played a crucial role in raising successful students👣. Their role is not just limited to home but involved in academic activities too. Thus, teachers and parents, by coming together 🤝 ,can act as motivators and work towards a common goal of uplifting a student. Therefore, a parent-teacher meet was organised at Saffrony Institute of Technology🏢 on 15th March 2020 for all the students in the auditorium hall from 🕙9:45 am to 1:00 pm.
The aim was to acquaint the parents with full knowledge of the events happening in the college and their ward's performance in curricular,📖 co-curricular ,🏆and extra curricular activities. ⛹️ The PTM was structured in a way that parents could meet the respective class counsellor of their child and have the necessary details regarding attendance report, progressive report and results🏅.
A presentation🎬was shown to all the parents to highlight the achievements of college, which included the results, national conclave, veyg 2020, workshops and training programs, and placements.📢
The parents showed up🙋in good number for the meet, most of them with a positive demeanor😇 towards college and contributed in making the programme a success.✨✨
Here are the glimpses of the same📷: 
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