Institute Updates - Sharpen Your Skills Session - Winter 2019 - Session 3 - 'Goal Setting and How to achieve them'

The Sharpen Your Skills on 3rd July, 2019 was conducted by Dr. Vishnu Awasthi & Mr. Karan Somaiya.
They had put in a lot of effort for making an interactive and engaging session, whose agenda was:
1. Importance of goals.
2. How to unlock one's potential...
3. Why we can't achieve our goals!
4. The steps of achieving the same.
They wished to give Saffronites a direction by igniting the passion of working with focused strikes of achieving their targets and make something useful out of their remaining life as an engineering student!
Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼
For more photos, 👉 Click Here👈
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