Institute Updates - Workshop - Students of Civil, Mechanical & Automobile - 7 days' SketchUp Hands-on Training & Workshop from 21st June to 28th June, 2019

The impact 3D modeling has, on presenting engineering services is undoubtedly the most transforming things to have happened and we don't want our students to be left behind. 

To bridge this gap, Saffrony Institute of Technology has organized a 7 Day's Hands-on Training and Workshop on SketchUp. The training program was from the 21st June to 28th June, 2019  and the 27 participants from Civil, Mechanical & Automobile Engineering Departments made the most out of this workshop/training which can be seen from the glimpses attached herewith.

SketchUp - one of the most widely used modelling software to assist with all kinds of projects—Building design, Concept Design,furniture building, video game creation, 3D printing, interior design and whatever else you can think of....


In these 7 days of the training program, students learned various fundamental and practical concepts. Such as introduction about SketchUp, sketcher tools, plug in's, advanced tools, dynamic component, style builders, layouts, animations & scene editing with its advanced tools, etc.

These sessions have resulted in a fruitful and enriching experience for the students.


Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼


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