Online Expert Lecture on Basic Mathematics (Basics of Trigonometry) for 1st semester Diploma Engineering Mechanical, Civil, Automobile engineering students on 19th December, 2020

'AI: Boon or Bane?'

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 6:23 AM

Exploring the frontier of AI, Our Institute hosted a thought-provoking National Seminar titled 'AI: Boon or Bane?'. Distinguished speakers - Shri Pankaj Kumar Gupta and Shri Sunny Vaghela sir, each with their unique insights and expertise, took the stage to unravel the enigma surrounding AI. Engaging the audience with compelling arguments and real-world examples, they delved into the intricate dynamics of AI's impact on society, sparking thought-provoking discussions and igniting intellectual curiosity. The session served as a rich source of information for our students and left them with some food-for-thought on the complexities of AI in today's world.

We're delighted to announce that our Institute has secured the 1st rank amongst 22 colleges in our Zone and an impressive 1st rank amongst 98 colleges in GTU for the Degree Semester-7 Winter 2023 Exams. Kudos to our dedicated students and faculty!

We're delighted to announce that our Institute has secured the 1st rank amongst 27 colleges in our Zone and an impressive 5th rank amongst 120 colleges in GTU for the Diploma Semester-5 Winter 2023 Exams. Kudos to our dedicated students and faculty!

Congratulations to our outstanding student, Shalini Kumari, for achieving a remarkable 4th rank in the GTU Winter 2023 Degree Sem-7 exams in Mechanical Engineering. Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance have truly paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of your incredible achievement.


Congratulations to our outstanding student, Saiyad Faijan, for achieving a remarkable 5th rank in the GTU Winter 2023 Diploma Sem-5 exams in Civil Engineering. Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance have truly paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of your incredible achievement.


Robofest 3.0

Wednesday, January 3, 2024 7:06 AM

Heartiest congratulations to saffronites Krupal Upadhayay, Arnav Modanwal, Yash Makwana, Hemil Prajapati, Devarsh Patel and their faculty coordinators Prof. Upashana Goswami and Prof. Chetan Chauhan for securing 3rd prize and winning cash prize of Rs. 5,00,000/- in the National Level Competition Robofest 3.0 organized by GUJCOST. Their achievement in the competition reflects Saffrony's dedication to focus on the pedagogy of hands-on-learning and holistic development of its students.


New Year-2024

Monday, January 1, 2024 11:32 AM

As the dawn of a new year breaks, may the radiant light of hope guide your path, bringing joy, success, and fulfillment. Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 26, 2023 6:45 AM

The Farewell for Batch 2023 of B.E. was an emotional rollercoaster of joy and goodbyes. Graduation might be the end of a journey, but the memories woven at Saffrony will forever remain timeless. Wishing our amazing students success and happiness on their next adventure!


Teacher's Day-2k23

Tuesday, December 26, 2023 6:34 AM

Saffrony Institute of Technology marked this year's Teacher's Day with a unique celebration where students took the reins of teaching. Our students embraced the role of teachers, leading to insightful discussions in the classroom and sharing knowledge. The day ended on a special note with a bonding session between the teachers and students, hence making it a truly memorable celebration.

Aakruti 2023 - Nationwide Design Contest

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 11:28 AM

Aakruti 2023 - Nationwide Design Contest, organized by Dassault System, witnessed its finale on November 3rd, 2023, featuring the top 11 teams from across India in a battle of design brilliance. Nextracker's journey has been nothing short of remarkable, as they transformed an idea into a product through cutting-edge tools and techniques, leveraging Solidworks products. Their outstanding speed challenge victory earned them well-deserved appreciation from the Aakruti team. Under the expert guidance of Prof. Kunalsinh Kathia, the team's mentor, the team members Tanuj Baria, Hemil Prajapati, Ansar Kureshi, and Sahil Raval have exemplified dedication and ingenuity. Saffrony Institute of Technology extends its warmest wishes for their future endeavors, proud of their achievements.


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