3 Sharpen Your Skills Sessions by Mr. Akash Mehta on Mission 100 - Zero Backlog & Time/Self Management - Summer 2018

3 Sharpen Your Skill Session was 🗣  conducted by our Chief Student Development Officer - Mr. Akash Mehta on 2nd, 4th and 9th April 2018 
In the first session, he once again established the importance of achieving Mission 💯and 👌 Zero Backlog!!!  - the lucrative placement offers that we might attract due to 🏅the wonderful result of the entire college.
He also explained ❓ how the academic system is designed purely for the benefit of students and how taking the system positively can do🌟 wonders for them!
This session was followed by series of two more sessions on ⌚ Time Management or rather Self Management as Akash Sir calls it. Saffronites were lucky to attend the session as this session was the extract and essence of 📚14 Books read by Akash Sir on Time Management.
After making students analyse their daily schedule and make them🗒 note the activities that eat up most of their time, he covered topics  like: 📊 Priority Grid, 🎯 Daily-Weekly Goal Setting,⏳ Organizing & Saving Time, 🌠Managing Multi-Tasking,🙇 Avoiding Distractions and becoming 👌World Class in whatever you do, 🌖80-20 Principle and lastly🕵Reviewing & Monitoring ourselves!
We're sure this session brought a 👍positive change in the life & schedule of the Saffronites!



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