Institute updates – Industrial visit - 8th semester BE Automobile Engineering students visited JCB Amin Equipments LLP on 1st January, 2019

Saffrony Institute of Technology, 8th semester BE Automobile Engineering students visited JCB Amin Equipments LLP 🏗  on 1st January, 2019.

The visit on 1st January aimed to provide the students with an insight into how Special Purpose Vehicles made by JCB company works. One of the key objectives of this visit was to seek inputs from an organization named JCB Amin Equipments LLP. which will help Automobile students of 8th semester of our Institute to relate the content of their GTU syllabus of a subject like ‘Special Purpose Vehicles’ with the realm scenario of technologies related to Special Purpose Vehicles. They showed us the loader, front loader and backhoe, excavator and road rollers. They also explained us about the capacity of buckets, loaders, shovel and their maintenance. They showed us 2DX and 3DX models of loaders and backhoes, 215 JS big Excavator tracked vehicle and its working

The students really learned and enjoyed the visit as so many doubts related to special purpose vehicles have now been cleared after the visit. 

Here are the glimpse of the same: 📸 

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