Technical Visit of Civil Engineering Students

The 5th Faculty Development Program in series at Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢 was conducted by Shri Kamal Dabawala on 5th and 6th December, 2019. The topic of this FDP was 'Time⏳ Management' - One of the most crucial skills in life.   
The very first statement of the session shared by Kamal Sir was 'Work expands as per the time available'. This single statement can give the substance of the topic. To explore the topic 'Time Management', various Fun-n-learn activities were held such as Cut the⏺circle, Tower building 🗼activity, Letter from 🗒god etc. We are nothing but the jugglers who have to  'balance all the balls as a juggler (balls such as Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit)' and make sure no ball falls. The trainer made the faculties perceive Time⌚ as 💰Money through an activity named 'Letter from 🗒GOD'.  How priority🔢 setting is important to achieve time management was shown through a demonstration. It was about filling the Jar by using big stones, pebbles and sand with the condition that everything should fit in the given Jar. It is not just about filling the jar anyhow but how and in what sequence to fill it is important. The session ended with 'Important vs. urgent matrix' also known as 'Eisenhower Principle'.
This training program was full of learning.  Degree and Diploma Engineering faculties attended and actively participated in FDP.
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A Faculty Development Program  for the faculties of Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢 was conducted by Shri Kamal Dabawala on 25th and 26th November, 2019. The topic of this FDP was  'Result & Outcome 🎯Orientation'
The session started with an interesting activity to understand 'How our brainimages.pngworks?' and it was demonstrated that 'If there are 'n' number of problems in the world then our mind has n+1 solutions!'.  Another activity of this session was to manufacture & deliver a product to the 🕴client in the lowest possible delivery time and this was simulated as 'Ball⚽ passing activity' with several conditions. The learning from this activity was 'Make output-oriented smart Process. Every year if we repeat the same cycle (process) as a part of any organisation, less chances to grow.  It is mandatory to make improvements, improvisations for better performance and results as well to remain relevant in this fast-changing world. This discussion was followed by sharing of some relevant examples. One more activity of 'Ring 🔘Toss game' was played by a group of faculty members and the learning and realisation from this game was 'If we keep on playing the game for minimum then there is no growth so why not to play for maximum. So, set our goal first and then strengthen ourselves to reach the maximum!'
This training program was highly interactive and full of learning.  Degree and Diploma Engineering faculties attended and actively participated in FDP.  
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"Creativity is thinking up the new things, Innovationis doing new things." 
 - Theodore Levit 
A Faculty Development Program  for the faculties of Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢 was conducted by Shri Kamal Dabawala on 4th and 5th November, 2019. This session was on 'Creative thinking💡 towards fostering a culture of innovation'
It was started with a clear understanding of three terms i.e. 'Discovery'🔎, 'Invention'☎ and 'Innovation'💻 and to discover, invent or innovate something new, one needs 'creativity'. To understand various ways to explore and exhibit creativity in the teaching-learning process as well as in day to day life, various fun-n-learn activities held in this session. Sir has also mentioned that 'observation skill' and 'Curiosity' are the key ingredients of creativity. 
Degree and Diploma Engineering faculties attended and actively participated in FDP.  
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Mechanical Engineering departments of 🏢Saffrony Institute of Technology had organized an Expert Session on 'AutoCAD' on 5th - 6th November, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Saffronites were privileged to be taught by Mr. Vijay M. Joshi, a retired chartered engineer, having vast work experience with many companies in different countries. 
Nowadays, we see that using the cloud industryimage.png. Machines can be controlled from a very far location more accurately than humans👥. This precision can be achieved through numerous software. AutoCAD is one of them, a drafting software used in many industries.  
AutoCAD 💻 is part of the Engineering Graphics and Design subject. The students experienced the fastness, easiness, and accuracy of the software. In the end, they learned to draw✏ 2D object and made a wonderful orthographic object which they had done manually in the beginning of the subject. So, the overall session proved to be very interesting and informative for students.   

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Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢 organized a 3-days skillful workshop of "FLY - Finding the Leader🌠 in You" on 11th - 13th July, 2019.  The experts were Ms. Pavani Agrawal, Ms. Viraj Vora, Ms. Seema Saxena and  Ms. Anuja Amin from Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI).
It was based on 'The 5 🖐pillars to become a successful leader namely Conscientiousness, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Innovativeness & Taking Initiatives'.  It is a glad moment that students have successfully completed all the given assignments and the Capstone Project and they finally earned the 💪certificate!
Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢, S.P.B. Patel Engineering College, Mechanical & Automobile Engineering Departments organized the visit to Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd.(MVML) Pune, Maharashtra on 11th October, 2019.

The purpose of the visit was to see and learn how the vehicles 🚕are manufactured, which manufacturing processes are carried out and how the vehicles 🚕 are tested by the company. The students have seen the production of various vehicles like Mahindra XUV 500, TUV 300, KUV 100. Total 35 students (7th & 5th Sem AE, whole SAE Baja Team members and some select students of 5th and 3rd ME) along with Prof. Kamlesh Samadhiya visited the plant. The students could practically see the various manufacturing processes of making a vehicle. They visited Press line, Bodyshop plant and Assembly line of XUV and KUV 100.  

Mahindra vehicle manufacturers Ltd was established in the year 2007 and has its headquarters🏢 in Mumbai. The company operates as a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. The company manufactures utility vehicles (UVs), light transport 🚚vehicles (LTVs), and commercial vehicles. The company has global research and development centres in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Detroit, Korea and Italy. The company has manufactured a variety of products. From building the iconic jeep and as one of the world's most recognized tractor brands, they have created several industry-leading and category-defining brands. The company is the only Indian company with mobility products that cover the land, water and air. The company is the world’s largest tractor brand by volume. They are India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer. Several of their businesses enjoy leadership positions in the industries in which they operate. They also remain committed to investing in technology, growing their global presence and maintaining their leadership position. From Mobility to Rural Prosperity and IT🖥, from Financial Services💰 to Clean Energy ☀and Business Productivity📈, they are empowering enterprise everywhere. They also have an operational presence in more than 100 countries and employ around 200,000 people. And though they operate across the globe, their governing spirit of "Rise" binds them as one Mahindra, dictating that they empower people everywhere to not only chart new frontiers but to conquer them too.

It was a wonderful and enriching experience💪 for the students. 
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An overwhelming and abrupt increase in internet-usage 💹of common citizens across the world 🌎leads to many challenges as billions of communications  📡 carried out by cleverly deployed IT infrastructure🏦. It is a very crucial element for tomorrow’s engineers to understand how all these nuts and bolts fit together🔩  as far as secure data transfer 🛡 is concerned.
To get the insights of the cyber world📋, Saffrony Institute of Technology arranged a four-day workshop  💻on “Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking” for 5th Semester Computer, IT, Mechanical, Automobile, Civil and EC Engineering students on 23rd September 2019 to 26th September 2019 📆. Total 154 students from 6 different branches of engineering had actively participated and learned tools and technologies.

Passion to learn cutting-edge technologies and on-hand practical sessions 🖱helped all the participants to get a 360-degree view of security.  
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Every semester a Parent-Teacher Meet is organized by Saffrony Institute of Technology which aims at providing a platform to make a 💫  lasting bond of faculty members with the parent and to increase the likelihood of  📈 academic success and bright future prospects of every Saffrony student.
The PTM helps to 👥 communicate to parents the areas their children are 👏 excelling in as well as to provide them with specific ideas on how to improve their child's performance. It is a stepping stone to foster improvement within each student.
In view of it, the Parents-Teachers Meet of  Degree and Diploma students for the Winter 2019 Semester was organized on 13th October, 2019
This meet had 2 attractions:
1. A Game Zone called WIFI i,e, Without Internet Family Interaction, which included fun games of parents with their children in which they not only saw ways of spending quality time with each other but also that reducing communication gap makes life fun and smooth!
2. A PowerPoint Presentation where the parents were oriented and briefed about the new initiatives, achievements, and co-curricular & extra-curricular progress of the students of Saffrony 🏥 institute. 
Lastly, the parents had a meeting with the respective counsellors and subject teachers.
It was a 😊 happy sight to see many parents turning up, enjoying quality time with their children and the level of willing participation they had for the well-being of their child. 
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A session on 'Gandhiji and his Thoughts' was conducted at Saffrony Institute of Technology on Monday 30th September, 2019 to honour Gandhiji's 150th Birth Anniversary i.e. 2nd, October, 2019.
The session was conducted by a  3rd-year Computer Engineering Student 🌠Sankalp Gupta 🌠.
The presentation flow included Historical rare pictures of Gandhiji, his biography and introduction.
Values of Gandhiji like non-violence, truthfulness, patience and many more such qualities to instil in young minds. practicals like pendulum technique, confidence-boosting, magnetic mind powers were discussed.
In the end, the leadership qualities like cognitive skills, motives, leading and positive mindset traits were also talked about.
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The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner. -  Elbert Hubbard
A good teacher never misses a chance to 📖 learn. It is imperative for a teacher to keep oneself updated with the latest trends and technology.    

In view of it,  a Faculty Development Program for the faculties of Saffrony Institute of Technology 🏢 was conducted by Shri Kamal Dabawala, a renowned trainer. The workshop was organized on 18th & 19th September, 2019 where all Diploma and Degree Engineering faculties participated.
The workshop was interactive and interesting. The lesson of this program was 'Create a Music in every department rather than noise - Teamwork' through different icebreakers, tasks, and team bonding activities. It lent a 👏 refreshing experience for all the participants.   
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