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Vacant-Quota- D2D Inter Se Merit - Admission 2023-24

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Vacant-Quota- D2D - Admission 2023-24

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Degree Vacant Quota Admission 2023-24 Inter Se Merit List

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Vacant Quota Admission - Degree Engineering 2023-24

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ACPDC C2D Vacant Quota Admission 2023-24

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Important Announcement for C to D Vacant Quota Admissions Diploma Engineering - 2023



The clarity of vision, goal to create and achieve the shared vision was the theme of the first session of FDP - Let’s Create Magic in the Classroom. For the clarity of vision, achieving the goals, constant improvement, being better at what one does, reflection is a must. Purposeful reflection at the heart of a structured cycle of self-observation and self-evaluation for continuous learning is so powerful. The second session of the FDP focused on Reflection and Reflective Practices. The faculties of Diploma and Degree engineering attended this session in two batches, Batch 1 on 31st January and Batch 2 on 2nd February, 2023

The session designed and delivered by Dr. Pooja Mehta aimed at creating an experience for all the participants and made them reflect. Through interesting activities, reflective questions for teachers, discussion and sharing of nuances of reflective learning and teaching, this session rendered a different level of experience for all the participants. It was truly felt that a culture of reflective practice creates a strong foundation for continuously improving teaching and learning. The session ended with a sharing by each participant about what, why and how of reflection and reflective practices, their reflection experiences, reflective practices they would like to explore and try. A participative model of this faculty development program, activities, sharings and discussions made an enriching experience for all the participants. 

Here are the glimpses of the session….

On January 2nd, 2023, Saffrony Institute of Technology hosted a variety of exciting events centered around the theme of Exhibiting students' creative and innovative projects of Design Engineering as well as Journaling Assignment of ETC. 
In the subject of Design Engineering, also well known as Design Thinking, students were to form teams of 3 or 4, select any one Domain, visit the users of that domain, observe and empathise with their daily struggles, identify and define problems faced by the users and lastly ideate innovative and creative solutions to solve the same. The 2021 Batch 3rd semester students divided themselves among 24 teams and chose various domains like Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, etc., and came up with some brilliant solutions for their domain's stakeholders under the guidance of the DE Core team - Prof. Akshay Kansara, Prof. Avani Dedhia, Prof. Jignesh Kadia, and their project guides. They displayed their ideas through various canvases, presentations, and even partially completed prototypes in some cases. This Exhibition was aimed to celebrate and encourage the efforts put in by students, by inviting the rest of the student fraternity and faculty members, who also in turn gave them many more ideas.
Along with DE, a Journalling Exhibition was also held in which all of the 110+ 3rd-semester students took up a 65 days' Journaling challenge. As a part of their ETC curriculum, Dr. Pooja Mehta would send them a different prompt each day which they would elaborate on, in their Journals. Students were free to use any mode of expression - be it writing, drawing, sketching, or anything else with the main aim to make them explore their inner world, opinions, views, habits, qualities, and attributes which they can improve upon. Hence, more than just a 'Journaling Challenge', this was meant to be a journey inward on the path of self-development and outward as well enhancing their 'Communication Skills'. So along with the DE projects, Saffronites had a wonderful time going through their creative and extremely well-written, well-expressed journals as well.
Overall the exhibition of 2nd January, 2023 became a symbol of creativity and self-expression where Saffrony Institute witnessed the wealth of talent and potential that exists within our student body. 

Saffrony Institute of Technology is committed to creating a positive and effective teaching-learning environment in every classroom on campus. To achieve this goal, the institute has resumed the special series of Faculty Development Program called "Magic in the Classroom”. This program aims to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment that is conducive to student success.

The first session of the "Magic in the Classroom" - 2023 series was conducted on January 24, 2023 by Dr. Pooja Mehta which was attended by all the faculty members of Diploma & Degree Engineering. The session was focused on Vision and Goal Setting, which is an essential aspect of any individual’s personal and professional development. Dr. Pooja Mehta enlightened everyone about the power of positive/negative imagination. She shared the experiments conducted by Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto which proves that our positive thoughts, words and actions can create a tremendous positive impact in our classrooms and on our students and hence the importance of positive imagination and setting positive goals and visions. Through an activity on creating a Shared Vision which is necessary for building an effective learning environment, all the faculties came together, they deliberated upon, discussed, designed and displayed their vision with great enthusiasm, and many reported that they found the experience to be invaluable and inspiring.

Congratulations to our Team MindHawks for being ranked 2nd amongst the top 5 winners out of 90+ shortlisted Teams in the NSG Digirakshak Hackathon 2022. This was the first ever hackathon to be organized by the National Security Guards in collaboration with Rashtriya Raksha University aimed at inviting the technical community of India for finding the optimum solution of various challenges presently being faced by security forces. NSG operates in unknown/uncharted areas and so special equipment/solutions are needed to cater for the same. But such equipment/solutions are not available off the shelf. So, this hackathon will help them meet their needs with the help of emerging talents throughout the nation.

The journey towards the project accomplishment and subsequently towards this achievement was not easy; in fact, it was yearlong, starting from 30th October, 2021 and till 15th Oct, 2022 with a Final and Felicitation Ceremony at NSG Campus, Manesar, Haryana. Transforming the idea to the real output required a good deal of effort and various challenges came in the way. But with the help of the Management and various talented faculties providing the team with constant support, achieving this feat was no longer an impossible task.

The problem statement was "SURVEILLANCE FOR COUNTER HIJACK OPERATIONS", it’s about innovating drones for the security forces which will help the NSG officers to have some important data for planning operations against the hijackers. It was a very important task to counter this problem, as even a small bit of information can impact the condition in the favour of the security forces.

The team comprises of five students, Kewal Shah, Siddhi Marvaniya, Niraj Lalwani, Smit Vidja and Anuj Shukla of 5th Semester from IT branch along with their team guide Prof. Hima Soni (Mentor) who started the journey when students were just in the 3rd Semester. The solution provided by the team was the only one which was considered capable enough to advance for further levels. From more than 213 registrations, the team went through 4+ stages of intense assessments namely Concept Paper Review (online), Concept Presentation (online), Status Check 1 (RRU), Status Check 2 (NSG Campus, Manesar), Status Check 3 (NSG Headquarters, Palam), Status Check 4 (NSG Campus, Manesar), Final and Felicitation Ceremony (NSG Campus, Manesar) and were the only team of students that qualified from the problem statement and made it in top 5 spot.

Team's contribution to the field is a pride and joy, especially in the light of Saffrony Institute of Technology!

Keep up the good work!!

At Saffrony Institute of Technology, we invite experts from diverse backgrounds to take sessions on various subjects ranging from the syllabus, current affairs, trending technologies to out-of-the-box topics. On 22nd and 23rd November, 2022, we were privileged to have again with us Dr. Hemant Naik sir, Dean of Alumni & Resource Generation at SVNIT. He was the HOD of the Mechanical Engineering Department at SVNIT, having a teaching experience of more than 30 years.

The first session he conducted on 22nd November 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM was titled “Lessons learned from Life '' where he delivered the crux of his learnings of 30 years. The 135 faculty members and students who attended the lecture were definitely privileged to have received the essence of his immense experience of both professional as well as his own personal life in a mere 2-hour session. The session was so gripping and engaging. Dr. Hemant in his unique way connected with the audience, his simplicity was eye-catching and the grandeur of the points was enormous.  It was indeed one of the most memorable sessions for the attendees.

The next session on 22nd November was exclusively for faculty members conducted from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The session was titled “How to be an effective Teacher”. The session started with the question ‘Why teaching?’ and then he elaborated on its importance. This includes the fundamental idea that- the best way to learn a subject is to teach it, which is true because as a teacher one starts a career but only through continuous teaching one becomes an expert in that subject. Furthermore, teaching as a profession is one of the most self-satisfying and respectful jobs worldwide as it involves sharing of knowledge, especially with the youth, which is immensely appreciated and valued. He not only discussed but demonstrated how deep learning can be infused through mindful teaching and shared many examples of how the concepts can be taught and learning could be fun. “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning” is best suited to Dr. Hemant Naik and we at SIT are grateful to him for having passed on his bag of gems to our faculty members. All Diploma and degree engineering faculties attended the session. 

On the second day, 23rd November, 2022 Dr. Hemant Naik met with student teams that have displayed excellent performance in co-curricular competitions at National Level. He met the student teams of SIH, NSG, AICTE Competitions & the Robocon Team. He was very pleased and impressed with the level of preparation, technical expertise, dedication and the top rankings the student teams had achieved. One more session was conducted on 23rd November from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on “Quantum Physics - A different way to look at life”. Such a mind-boggling topic was presented and made the audience think. The theories that otherwise would take years to understand, he put into perspective and in 2 hours the audience could enjoy the ride and  His curiosity to learn at this age was very inspiring. The experience of these two days may be described in some paragraphs but the tremendous learning that took place can possibly never be measured!


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