Technical Visit of Civil Engineering Students

An Online Orientation Program for the newly admitted Students of Degree of Saffrony Institute of Technology was held from 13th October, 2020.

It was indeed a wonderful moment for Saffrony Institute to welcome their new family members and also for the new members to become a part of an Institute that strives to instill not only IQ but also EQ & SQ in the young minds making them all round Engineers as well as Excellent Human Beings. Students and Parents were informed of the vision of the Institute and how it plans to shape the rest of the life of its Saffronites in the 4 years of Engineering.

Following the orientation program there was an Online Induction Program that was held from 14th October, 2020 to 21st October, 2020. The newly admitted students participated online in this program that was designed to cover the understanding of the Strong Academic System, the Solicitous Counselling System, a bird view into the achievements and activities of the Gujarat Technological University,  along with various topics like an online Treasure Hunt, Yoga & Meditation, Curricular clubs at Saffrony, a peep into Universal Human Values, Creative arts, literature and language proficiency, a ride through various technological tools, inventions & innovations as well as motivational talks - through well designed sessions conducted by a huge number of Faculty Members and Senior students. 

The 1st year batch thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even learned a lot, making them all set to start a new chapter in life!

 Here are the glimpses of their first ever and most memorable program:

We Move The World (Mechanical Engineer) 

We Drive The World (Automobile Engineer) 

We Build The World (Civil Engineer) 

We Create The Magical World (Computer and IT Engineer)  

We are the Powers Of World (Electrical Engineer) 

We Connect The World (Electronics & Communication Engineer) 

We make the world a beautiful place to live in! We are Engineers! 

Engineer's Day at Saffrony Institute of Technology was celebrated online this year on 15th September, 2020.

Even though we were not able to celebrate it all together, the enthusiasm remained the same as every year. In fact Faculty Members and Students alike, prepared events with double the creativity to make sure even though all Saffronites celebrated individually from their homes, they still felt connected and have a delightful experience all the same.

The day started with an online assembly reminding everyone about the purpose of the celebration of the day and remembering the great engineers of our time.

Then came the time for events! They were celebrated in two parts - Institute Level General Events and Departmental Level Events. The students were able to not only learn and grow themselves but also have fun in all these events.

By the time the clock struck 1, all the Saffronites - the organizers as well as participants - had for sure enjoyed a lot!

Let's have a look at the memorable online Engineer's day...

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