Institute Updates - Industrial Visit - Students of 4th & 6th Semester Diploma Mechanical & Automobile Engineering - Visit at ‘Windsor Machines Pvt. Ltd., Chattral' on 20th December, 2019

S.P.B. PATEL Engineering college (Diploma courses), Diploma Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Department organized an Industrial 🏗 Visit to ‘Windsor Machines Pvt. Ltd., Chattral' for the students of 4th and 6th Semester on 20th December, 2019. The visit was specially organized for topics like Manufacturing ,🛠 Production, Plant maintenance and Safety🏭 .
Windsor Machines Limited is one of the select few companies in India, which serves and supports the varied needs of plastic processing industry across 65 countries (an impressive installation base of over 20000 machines) with cutting edge product design and latest technology, wherein, this company engaged in manufacturing Injection Moulding, Pipe Extrusion and Blown Films machineries, all under one roof. Their continuous association with Kuhne GmbH (Germany), T.H.E Machines (Switzerland), and Protocol (Switzerland), and with the recent acquisition of Italtech (Italy), has enabled them to build technological excellence and rise rapidly against the competition. As a top corporate player, Windsor Machines has always advanced with the mission of creating happy customers around the globe. Greatest assets as they understand the value of delivering the best performances to create trailblazing solutions for their customers. The Company fosters a highly productive work environment that enables new ideas, optimizes the existing and upgrades past ones.
Students got a lot of knowledge about the real world of applications of mechanical engineering. They understood various rules regarding safety and plant maintenance such as the importance of yellow line in plant layout, etc. Also as a part of manufacturing engineering, students got to know about injection moulding machines and their types, extruding process, and various other equipment. In addition, students became aware of material handling and quality control of the plant.
Prof. Parth Panchal, Prof. Sachin Patel and Prof. Parth Tapodhan have accompanied the students for the visit.
Here are the Glimpses of the same: 📸
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