Institute Updates – Fusion 2021 - The Cultural Fest - 'Hamaari Neev, Hamaari Shan' held on 16th May, 2021

16th May, 2021 was truly a day to be mesmerizingly recalled since it was the first time only experience for not just the performers, but every student, faculty and volunteer for the Fusion 2021 to be celebrated virtually.  

This year’s annual event, Fusion - The Cultural Fest was organized virtually on Zoom and it truly unfolded the unexpected. The ambience and exuberance has remarkably played beautifully on this day, uniquely unveiling the theme –  “Humaari Neev-Humaari Shaan, Celebrating the profound foundations of India”. 

Students showcased their talents in numerous ways through their outstanding performances, where the audience, kith and kin, colleagues and students got a revealing persona which was praiseworthy. Some were secret little artists who had showcased their art work in the creativity corner, where else some were amazing dancers, some proved to be truly the aspiring poets of future by not just reciting but even creating their very own poem and lastly a group of actors played an astounding drama enacted and scripted by them wholly. The event literally manifested Mark Twain’s words- "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand-mother of tradition.”  

Although the performances were less in number than expected as this is the testing time going as well it was a new platform, virtual one, the event was successful. It was all possible because of “Hamaare college ki neev- Hamaari unity”. The whole event was only possible because of the hard-work, day-night efforts and conscientious management done by teachers, students who actively took part and volunteered. Volunteering committees such as Anchoring committee, Video-editing and Photography committee, Screen-operation and presentation committee etc. were handled by student volunteers who took this event to the glory it truly deserves. 

The evening went fabulous and rendered an enthralling and enriching experience.   

Here are some pleasant glimpses of the event:

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