1st day of college - Orientation Program of New Diploma, Degree & D2D Saffronites

An Orientation Program for the newly admitted Students & Parents of Diploma and Degree of Saffrony Institute of Technology was held on 19th July, 2018.

It was indeed a happy moment for Saffrony Institute to welcome their new family members and also for the new members to become a part of an Institute that wants to instill not only IQ but also EQ & SQ in the young minds making them an all rounder Engineer and an Excellent Human Being.

The Program covered the understanding of the Strong Academic System, the Solicitous Counselling System, the Fun-n-Learning filled Bridge Course/Induction Program and the roles of parents in the lives of their children ending in a note of Divine Blessings from the parents to their children!

Here are the glimpses of the felicitous program:

 For more photos, click:  https://goo.gl/hqrK4w

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