Dr. Naik's session on "Reversible Process" (Engineering Thermodynamics) for Mechanical-Automobile Engineering Students.

Dr. Hemant Naik (Ph.D., Dean (Alumni & Resources), Professor - Mechanical Engineering Department - SVNIT, Ichhchhanath) conducted a session on the Concept of ⏮Reversible Process, Entropy generation, Application of✌  2nd law of thermodynamics, Quasi-Static Process in a very Interesting way which is related to 👷 Mechanical-Automobile Engineering Branch.
Saffrony Institute of Technology is very fortunate to have such a senior and respected individual to widen the🔭vision of our students.
He is the third most senior person at 🏫 SVNIT Surat currently which is one of the best institutes in the Country.
He presented his own life experiences from his professional journey of 40 years.


Once again, it was all our 🙏 privilege to attend an expert session in our own college from Dr. Naik - a senior person who is involved in the 🌍 world's most important project which is funded and run by seven member entities European Union, Japan, China, Russia, South Korea, the United States & India by Invitation!
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