Institute Updates - Technical Visit - Students of 5th sem Civil Engineering - Technical Visit to Mehsana Solid Waste Disposal Site on 11th July, 2019

A Field visit to Mehsana Municipal Corporation Solid Waste Disposal site 🚚 was organized for 5th semester Civil Engineering Students on 11th July, 2019. The visit was related with the Subject of Environment🌳 Engineering. 
The disposal site is situated in the Kasba Area of Mehsana. The site is located just beside the Khari river passing through Mehsana. The visit was aimed to provide the students an insight into the various aspects of solid waste management like, waste characteristics, waste collection, conveyance and disposal. The students characterized the various types of waste disposed at the site like e-waste, biomedical waste, recyclable waste etc. 
They also identified the various issues related with the current solid waste disposal system like improper waste segregation, a non-engineered system of disposal, control of foul smell and gases etc. The visit was an eye-opener for the student in terms of the current state of solid waste disposal in Indian cities.
Here are the glimpses of the same: 🖼
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