Institute Updates - Sharpen your Skills - Session on radiation technology conducted by 2nd Semester students - 30th January, 2019

A sharpen your skills session on Radiation Technology was conducted at Saffrony Institute of Technology  for and by  2nd-semester students.

It was initiated by 🌠Atharva Pawar🌠 from Computer Engineering Department telling about the rise of the world of radioactivity which was carried forward by 🌠Tapan Mehta🌠 Mechanical Engineering Department where he discussed the institutions and events that came up strengthening the pillars of atomic science in the country.

To make the seminar more interactive, lastly, a quiz was conducted by 🌠Prachi Singh🌠 Computer Engineering Department to impart relevant and important information regarding radioactivity. Overall, the session remained interactive and phenomenal.


Here are the Glimpses of the same: 📸

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