Institute Updates - Industrial Visit at Samrat Thresher Pvt. Ltd., Unjha' for 6th sem. Diploma Mechanical Students



S.P.B. PATEL Engineering College (Diploma Courses), Mechanical Department organized an Industrial Visit at Samrat Thresher Pvt. Ltd., Unja for the students of 6th Semester on 3rd March, 2022. The visit was specially organized for topics like CNC Fabrication and Production.  

Samrat Thresher Limited is one of India's leading manufacturers of Agriculture Implements, started its journey in 2006, with experience of 35 years in the same field catering Farmers demands for Threshing machines. The company has the latest Machinery like CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, CNC Bending etc. to produce unmatched quality and reliability with professionally trained staff. The approach is to provide cost effective and maintenance free machines that lead them to become leaders in Indian Agriculture Implement manufactures.

Students could gather good information about the machinery. They understood how to operate a CNC machine and how the CNC machine concept is useful in mass production. Further, as a part of Manufacturing Engineering, they learnt about the welding process, assembling the parts and sheet metal working as well they got knowledge of material handling and the quality control system of the plant.

Here are the glimpses of the visit.

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