Institute Updates - Women's Day - Female Students and Faculty members of all the departments - A Women's Day Celebration at Saffrony Institute on 12th March 2020

To celebrate the very special eve of Women's day at Saffrony Institute of Technology🏢, a fun-n-learn workshop was organised for all the 👧 budding women👧 of the college on 12th March 2020.
The day was initiated with the introduction of the guests cum speakers, Dr. Hiral Bhalara, PhD graduate from Cambridge University, UK and Ms. Tejal Shah, an MBA graduate from Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada.
The workshop ⌚ started with a few amazing activities 🗒🎵and inspirational video clips📺 which later dealt with finding one's PURPOSE which directs all the positive energy into our actions, knowing one's STRENGTHS which leads to the realization of PASSION, which automatically comes finding us when we get involved in different activities and at last having a DEDICATED ACTION. All these combined, results into productivity and success. Through such teachings, the topic of the workshop was revealed to be "KUCHH KARIYE".
The first half was completed with the speakers receiving gifts🎁 and the final vote of thanks 🎙was delivered by Dr. Pooja Mehta. Further, the lunch was organised in the form of 'dubba party' and the next half turned out to be 'game time' at the amphitheatre.
All in all, the day was an enriching one with lots of learnings involved. Everyone laughed, enjoyed and went home 😀with an optimistic and a purposeful zeal💪.
Here are the glimpses of the wonderful day: 🖼
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