Sharpen Your Skills Session on 'Mnemonics' by 1st Year Student Sankalp Gupta - Session 31 - Summer 2018

Saffrony Institute of Technology is once again 👏 very proud to announce that another student 🗣 conducted the Sharpen Your Skills Session on Monday 16th April, 2018 - Sankalp Gupta (1st Year - Computer Engineering).
Sankalp took a very hands-on and creative session on 'Mnemonics' - Techniques & Tricks to 🙇remember even the longest and complex answers in the simplest way and for a ⏳ long long time. 
He covered the following tricks:🌠 Acronyms, Acrostics, Peg Method, Advanced Peg Method, Mind Maps, Mind Palaces 🌠and many more giving the power to students to remember 📃 long answers, facts, figures, dates, numbers, spelling and whatever one wishes to remember!


The Best Part was that students were a part of the session, performing the methods themselves and experiencing the  📈  increase in memory power!
We wish many more students to come up and conduct such sessions! 
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